GOTV with BallotReady

by The Campaign Workshop

A group of people holding up voter stickers and smiling

Make a plan to vote! How BallotReady can help you improve your GOTV strategy

BallotReady is an online voter guide for local, state and national races. This week, we interviewed Alex Niemczewski to discuss how BallotReady can be used to amp up your GOTV campaign strategy.

How can a campaign use your product for GOTV ?
BallotReady's Make a Plan to Vote tool is based on behavioral research that demonstrates that voters who make a plan to show up at the polls are far more likely to follow through. Campaigns can use our product to help voters commit to a date, time, and place to go vote, have voters sign up for automated text and email reminders based on their plan, make a calendar appointment, request a ride, and share their plan on social media.

How can a campaign include BallotReady in their GOTV plan?
Campaigns should include the Make a Plan to Vote tool as part of their digital GOTV. They can include it in emails, on their website, as part of text messages, Facebook ads, VoterCircle outreach, or as a link of a physical mailer. 

Why is BallotReady a game changer for GOTV?
BallotReady's Make a Plan to Vote tool is a game changer because it's backed by the best research in commitment mechanisms and voter behavior studies. Our tool is easy to use, designed for mobile and personalized. We can show voters a map of their three closest early voting locations, for example, a nudge that helps voters visualize where they will need to go and makes it statistically more likely they will turn out.

How much time do you need to set up this program?
Make a Plan to Vote tools can be set up within days as soon as early voting locations become available. All we need from a campaign is a logo.

How volunteer intensive is this?
No volunteers required.

What can we do with BallotReady that makes GOTV better? Help voters make a specific date at the polls - whether early, on Election Day, or by mail. 

What is a good example of how this was used that you can share?
State parties, unions, PACs, and advocacy groups across the country are using this to turn voters out for the midterm elections. Reach out to us see some specific examples and case studies.

What does it cost? It depends on the size of the race - reach out to us for pricing.