GOTV with BallotReady

A group of people holding up voter stickers and smiling

Make a plan to vote! How BallotReady can help you improve your GOTV strategy

BallotReady is an online voter guide for local, state and national races. This week, we interviewed Alex Niemczewski to discuss how BallotReady can be used to amp up your GOTV campaign strategy.

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How can campaigns call cell phones for GOTV?

A picture of hanging red telephones for GOTV

Marty Stone answers 7 questions on calling cell phones for GOTV

For the longest time you could not call cell phones in an efficient way but now Stones Phones has some exciting new technology to make it easier to call cell phones using volunteers or paid phone banks. We asked Marty Stone 7 questions on calling cell phones for GOTV. He answered our questions here:

How can campaigns call cell phones for GOTV?

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7 GOTV Questions with Pandora

Sponsored listening process for 7 GOTV questions with Pandora

How you should incorporate Pandora digital radio into your GOTV strategy

As Election Day approaches, it's important to get to work on your GOTV strategy. This week, we interviewed some folks from Pandora Radio - a music streaming service - about how political campaigns can integrate digital radio to improve their 'get out the vote' strategies. 

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County Democratic Party and The GOOD Method

County Democratic Party

Running a County Democratic Party Can Be a Difficult Task. 

Before we dive down into the dos and don’ts, of helping your County Democratic Party , let's take some time and talk about what a County Democratic Party should do.

County Democratic Party’s goal is to do one thing: elect Democrats. No matter the size, scope, or influence of your County Democratic Party – this is your objective. How you do this is a different story. Using what we call the GOOD Method, you can take your County Democratic Party to the next level.

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GOTV: What Do You Need for Get Out The Vote?

GOTV- here is what you need for get out the vote

GOTV is Your Friend (With Benefits)

GOTV matters. Campaigns require long hours, uncomfortable conversations about money and immense dedication from the candidate, staffers and volunteers.  After all the time and money you pour into a campaign (not to mention your sanity), it’s important to finish strong with a robust GOTV program.  Here are a few things to think about for Get Out The Vote as you plan your last push to the finish line:

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