Progressive Campaigns Need to Take Risks in 2016

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

progressive campaigns

It's Time to Roll the Dice for Progressive Campaigns and Issues

It was a great year to go to Vegas for BISC's Road Ahead conference. It’s always a good time to visit Vegas when its 12 degrees in DC. As we leave BISC, it is clear that progressive campaigns have some real challenges. While proactive ballot measures are an important tool to help change the dialogue on issues we care about, they are only one part of a broader set of tactics that progressive campaigns need to engage in.

Whether it is putting a measure on the ballot, a candidate deciding to run for office, or a politician who takes a bold stance, politics is an inherently risky business. If we don't take risks and try things, progressive campaigns will be in an even worse place at the end of 2016 than we were at the end of 2014. We are at a point in history where the odds are stacked against us to win in 2016. This does not mean it is will be impossible, but it will be hard. Really hard.

Avoiding risk and finding the easier path forward is not a tactic we can afford to use in the future.

As we approach the cusp of 2016, progressive campaigns can no longer just wait for things to happen. We must act, both individually and as a movement, to keep progressive issues at the forefront. I was very excited to hear about new ballot measure work that is going on in the states, but it’s important that we don’t stop there.

We need dynamic candidates who are willing to put it on the line and run for office as well as organizations and individuals who are willing to speak their minds, dig into their wallets, and fund initiatives and candidates who can make a real difference.

Thank you BISC. I will be back in 2016.