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by Joe Fuld (He/Him) and The Campaign Workshop

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Lessons and Favorite Posts from TCW’s Political and Advocacy Campaign Blog

In 2013, we started our political and advocacy campaign blog. The goal was to disseminate completely free information on campaign strategies and tactics to progressive political candidate and advocacy campaigns. And, most importantly, do it well. We wanted to help people win their campaigns at all levels of office regardless of how much money they had in the bank and whether they could afford our services of strategic consulting, direct mail or digital advertising. At the time, we were the only ones working in the political blogging space. 

As we begin our 10th year in business, we are reflecting on areas of success and areas of improvement as a company. One of our successes has been this campaign blog. Not only has it become a big part of our marketing strategy, but it has allowed us to engage in discussions with groups and organizations across the country strengthening the fight toward better wages, a cleaner planet, a more representative government, equality for LGBTQ+ individuals, women’s reproductive rights and many other issues. It’s our firm belief that when we share information and are transparent about the newest digital tactics and tools available that we all succeed. This is, in part, why we created our 7 questions blog series where we interview political pollsters, speechwriters, and advocacy professionals to share their knowledge with our team and our followers. Knowledge truly is power. 

The campaign blog has provided us with a progressive community that we are incredibly humbled to be a part of. We want to give a big thank you to our current readers, blog contributors, and those who have joined us for this journey. The campaign blog has been a learning avenue for us as much as it’s been a resource to our followers. 

Getting the campaign blog started was not an easy endeavor. Writing twice a week consistently for the past six years has required commitment by all of our staff members. And, frankly, it took us a while to learn how to develop content that resonated with our target audiences. When we started, we had very little traffic to the site. Today, we have grown our traffic to 30,000 users per month seeking answers to their most pressing political and advocacy campaign questions. Now this is certainly something to celebrate, and it wouldn’t be possible without your help! 

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If you have ideas for future posts on our campaign blog or want to ask us about a potential project you’re working on, feel free to drop us a line here