Campaign Job Descriptions

by The Campaign Workshop

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Before you start your campaign for office, build the right campaign structure. It’s important you know the campaign job descriptions for all of your staff.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of campaign job descriptions that you might find in a race of moderate size.

General Consultant

Unlike a campaign manager, a General Consultant oversees much of the operation but isn’t responsible for the day-to-day goals. Typically, your GC is someone who has been working in politics for a long-time and is familiar with the lay of the land in your district or state. Most of the time, this individual will manage the consultant team and have the constant ear of the candidate.

Media Consultant

The Media Consultant is responsible for advising on and producing television and terrestrial radio ads.

Mail Consultant

The Mail Consultant advises and produces all of your direct mail, as well as palm cards, yard signs, or any other printed material for your campaign.

Digital Consultant

The Digital Consultant is responsible for producing, advising on, and placing all digital ads.


The Pollster is responsible for all polling, but most importantly, this individual will advise the campaign on how to read the polls and message appropriately.

Finance Consultant

The Finance Consultant is much like the general consultant. In most cases it’s someone who knows the lay of the land in your district or state. They will advise the campaign on how to operate an effective fundraising strategy, as well as provide the campaign with useful insight on the players you could be targeting.

Campaign Manager

This is your on the ground, day-to-day manager. Your go-to-person so to say. I once had a candidate introduce me as “my guy.” You can check out our post on how to hire an effective Campaign Manager here.

Fundraising Director

Your fundraising director is your right-hand person when it comes to raising money. This individual is responsible for your fundraising operation in its entirety. Depending on how you set up your campaign, this person could be making large asks of donors with you, or managing the day-to-day operation of your fundraising team.

Compliance Manager

Whether it’s a volunteer or full-time staffer, a compliance manager is an absolute must. On the team with your treasurer, this person is responsible for making sure you follow all laws and regulations when running your campaign.


This individual is responsible for the bank account. I am a personal believer that only three people should have access to funds: the candidate, the treasurer, and the assistant treasurer. When choosing this individual, make sure they are a lawyer and are able to interpret election law in an effective way.

Assistant Treasurer

Most of the time, depending on which state you’re running for office, the state will require an assistant treasurer on all forms. I recommend someone you trust as a candidate, such as a former high school teacher or a successful old friend. This person is an extra set of eyes on the finance operation.

Finance Assistant

Think of the Finance Assistant as an organizer who only does fundraising. This person is responsible for growing your web of donors, setting up fundraisers, and managing your database.


Schedulers have one of the more important jobs on this campaign job descriptions list. Scheduling is truly an art form. This person is responsible for scheduling all events for the candidate and, unfortunately, declining invitations as well. This person controls the candidate’s life, so make sure it’s someone who can take some pressure.

Call-Time Manager

Call sheets, call sheets, and more call sheets. This person is responsible for managing the call-time efforts of the candidate. The most important job of this individual is not just the organization of call sheets, but managing your fundraising database.

Field Director

The Field Director is responsible for your field program. Knocking on doors, volunteers, your phone program, and anything involving talking to voters about the election is their responsibility.

Field Organizer

Arguably the backbone of most campaigns, field organizers are there to organize scores of volunteers to speak with voters.

Have questions about campaign job descriptions and campaign structure? Check out or ebook on building a political campaign or drop us an email