Effective Advocacy Campaign Tips

by The Campaign Workshop

Advocacy Campaign

5 Advocacy Campaign Tips to Run an Effective Effort

Running an effective advocacy campaign takes skill and planning here are five tips to run a winning advocacy campaign:

  1. Have a clear and measurable goal(s) for your advocacy campaigns.
  2. Plan, plan, and plan.
    • Who do you need to influence to achieve your advocacy goal (your targets)?
    • Who can help you influence those advocacy targets (your advocates)?
  3. Create urgency!
    • Nothing creates an action for advocacy like an urgent deadline and nothing promotes procrastination like a vague one.
    • If you are lucky enough (I use “lucky” loosely here) to be working on an advocacy campaign that has a strict timeline (e.g. you are looking to get a governor to veto a bill before the end of the legislative session, or maybe you are trying to get a local city council to place a ballot question on the upcoming ballot), make sure your targets and advocates know what the deadlines are.
    • If, on the other hand, your advocacy campaign doesn’t have a strict timeline – and the urgency that comes with it – create one! Set a specific date for when your bill will be filed or when committee will pass it. Make sure your advocates and targets know and believe the urgency of your timeline.
  4. Make sure your advocates know how they can help advocate.
    • Lay out clear and easy ways for your advocates to get involved. Can they sign a petition online? Call their legislator? How about collecting petitions or signatures from their friends and neighbors? If it’s not an official form, can they download a PDF from your website to collect the signatures? How can super-advocates tell their stories and get the word out about why this issue is important in their lives? Can they add it to a story bank, get in front of a legislator on lobby day, or maybe speak at a press event?
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert help.
    • You don’t have to do it all yourself. Planning and managing effective advocacy campaigns isn’t easy. Here at The Campaign Workshop we work on advocacy campaigns daily – big and small, federal and local, all over the country and even some around the world.

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