• Midterm Elections - How Should a Democratic Campaign Plan?

    Oct 17, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Midterm Elections

    Midterm Elections - How Should a Democratic Campaign Plan?

    As you plan for midterm elections, especially if you’re progressive democrat, you may not want to leave your house. With all the things going on in the country it may seem like the midterm elections are a forgone conclusion and not in a good way. Historical trends come to a similar conclusion. In this post we will detail the historical trends of midterms, talk about contributing factors, and what Democrats and progressives can do to make a difference in election outcomes this year.

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  • eBook Collection

    Jul 15, 2021 by Elizabeth Rowe (she/her)

    eBook Collection

    Download our eBook Collection: Summer Reads for Your Next Campaign

    Looking for summer reading suggestions? Whether you are gearing up for an advocacy campaign, in need of communication tips for your current campaign, or deciding whether to run for office, our eBook collection provides comprehensive guides to help you achieve your goals. Download our eBooks today for campaign and advocacy tips and tricks that suit your needs. 

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  • 9 Campaign Plan Tips

    Mar 25, 2019

    two people at the top of a mountain with their hands up in excitement for their success

    9 Campaign Plan Tips To Give You The Best Chance of Winning

    If you’re running for office, you’re going to need a campaign plan. Your campaign plan should outline the challenges and opportunities you anticipate facing over the course of the election cycle as well as your priorities and goals. With these 9 campaign plan tips, you will give yourself the best chance of winning your race:

    1. Have a campaign plan that outlines specific goals:

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  • Your Guide to Creating Great Campaign Walk Cards

    Jan 12, 2017 by Ben Holse (he/him)

    Campaign Walk Cards Are Only as Good as You Make Them

    Walk cards are an important element to any field campaign. They give your canvassers something tangible to discuss at the doors and are a great way to introduce your candidate to voters. Unfortunately, a lot of campaigns create walkcards the wrong way. Below is advice on producing great political walk cards.

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  • What All Candidates Should Learn From Openly Gay Candidates

    Dec 02, 2016 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    LGBT Candidates

    Campaign Advice: Lessons for All Candidates From LGBT Candidates

    For a long time,  I have said that LGBT Candidates ( Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender and Gay candidates), tend to be better candidates than their straight counterparts at running for office.  It’s because LGBT  candidates have to be. If you are breaking a barrier, it is only those with stellar qualifications and incredible drive who get through tough election fights and win.

    For the last 15 years I have worked with LGBT candidates at all levels to run for office.

    Now, people have woken up and said,  “Why are LGBT candidates getting elected?” It is a pretty simple formula: work hard, be qualified, be open and honest, raise a lot of money and you too may be on your way to office.

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  • Effective Advocacy Campaign Tips

    Nov 24, 2016 by The Campaign Workshop

    Advocacy Campaign

    5 Advocacy Campaign Tips to Run an Effective Effort

    Running an effective advocacy campaign takes skill and planning here are five tips to run a winning advocacy campaign:

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  • Ten Bad Political Campaign Habits You Need To Break

    Sep 01, 2016 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Kick bad campaign habits with these strategies and tools

    Over the years, we have seen folks develop some bad political campaign habits.  But the good news is that many of these bad campaign habits can be prevented by good organization and a focus on fundamentals. Read the list below so you can spot the warning signs and keep your political campaign on track.

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  • Campaign Dictionary

    Jan 15, 2015 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Our Campaign Dictionary

    Learn Your Campaign Terms: Staying on Top of a Campaign Dictionary Can Be Hard

    Staying up to date on a campaign dictionary can be exhausting, so we have compiled a list of useful campaign terms to keep your lingo up-to-date, enjoy!

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  • Campaign Toolbox Tips

    Dec 11, 2014 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Working with a Campaign Toolbox

    Open up Your Campaign Toolbox, What Will You Find?

    We understand what it’s like to operate a campaign on a tight budget, so we’ve found some free tools to include in your campaign toolbox to help you along the way.  We hope you will find them useful as you launch your campaign or look for ways to better organize it. to ve clear no campaign tool will solve all of your campaigns problems.  Whether fundraising for a nonprofit, managing an independent expenditure campaign, or seeking office, a few of these tools will surely help you along your way.

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  • Midterm Elections 2014 Analysis

    Nov 07, 2014 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    midterm elections 2014

    Our Take on the 2014 Midterm Elections

    The midterm elections on Tuesday made for a rough night for Democrats. As many of us emerge from the fetal position under our desk, I decided to write down my observations of the midterm elections of 2014, and what could be done differently in future elections. You can listen to some of my observations here as well.

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  • First-Time Candidate? Get Critical

    Aug 07, 2014 by Sophie Thurber (she/her)

    First-Time Candidate

    As a First-Time Candidate, You'll Need to Sort Facts from Wishful Thinking

    As a first-time candidate, you’ll likely have a steep learning curve and a lot of information thrown your way.  Whether you’re still deciding if you want to toss your hat in the ring, or you’re just starting to get your campaign moving, it’s important to embark on this process with your eyes wide open.  Here are a few things you’re likely to hear that should cue you to take a beat and assess their accuracy.

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  • The Importance of Self-Research for Political Candidates

    Sep 19, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Importance of self research photo

    Know Thyself and Self-Research

    We teach a lot about research on campaigns, and most candidates see the benefits and try to make room in the budget for polling. But although many candidates will do research on their opponents, what many first time (and second and third time) candidates don’t do is get a self-research book done on themselves. Why one may ask, would I need research done on me? I know my background. Here are 3 reasons why self-research is much more important than it may seem.

    We don’t always remember everything: That tax lien from 15 years ago you blocked from your memory after countless hours spent on hold with the IRS? Yeah, your campaign team is going to want to know about that. We all have spotty memories, especially when it comes to our own lives.  Best to leave the past up to the professionals.

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