Digital Ads vs GOTV Calls: Should You Choose Calls or Digital Ads?

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

digital GOTV ads vs GOTV Calls

GOTV Calls vs Digital GOTV Ads - Which Do You Pick?

 GOTV Calls or Digital ads? If you are running a political campaign, you may have heard of folks replacing their GOTV calls with digital GOTV ads. As someone who sells and loves digital ads, I will tell you that I am not sure that choosing between one or the other is a great idea. It depends, on many factors.  To help you figure out how to spend your GOTV money, I have put together this lovely post comparing GOTV calls versus digital GOTV ads.

Who are you trying to reach? Landline phones are targeted to older voters. The average person who owns a landline phone is over the age of 60. If you are trying to reach a younger voter, you won’t find them by calling landlines.

Targeting digital ads to mobile phones or using peer-to-peer SMS technology may be a better bet, but to get value out of a digital technology you should plan further in advance than the last weekend.

Plan, plan, plan. Does your program need to wait to the last minute to plan and spend money?  Planning—whether it is for phones or digital—should not wait until the end. You should have your scripts, lists, budgets and creative ready to go, just in case you get the resources. If you are planning for digital GOTV, it would be better to start with ad buy and add to it as you get more resources. Digital is better when you do it over a longer period  of time.

What is your goal? Digital GOTV ads and GOTV calls need to be based on strategy.  Who are you trying to reach and what are you trying to do? If you can answer these questions you can make a strategic spending decision.

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