Making the Most of Your Campaign Digital Video Ads

by The Campaign Workshop

digital video ads

How long should campaign digital video ads be and how long should they run for?

Digital video is all the rage these days. There is a lot of power and emotion in video images whether it is pre-roll, in-banner, interstitial or longer format. Knowing the right length of the video and the length of the buy is critical for a successful video ad campaign.

15 Seconds for Mobile, Longer for YouTube

The length of your digital videos will depend on the platform on which you are running. Standard lengths are 15 and 30 seconds long and we generally see 15-second videos garnering higher completion rates (for the obvious reason that they are shorter). In addition, there is more inventory available for 15-second videos. If you are running a mobile-heavy campaign, you'll want to be sure you have 15-second videos, and maybe only run 15-second videos, because those are most likely to work best for the mobile atmosphere.

Don’t Bury the Lead

For Facebook and other social media platforms, it's less important how long your videos are and more important to have your video grab a user’s attention within the first few seconds so they don't scroll past your video. Another important factor to be mindful of is the sound in the video. Many videos auto-play without sound so not only do you have to capture someone’s attention within the first 3 seconds, you need to do so without the help of sound.

Run Ads for at Least Two Weeks

In terms of how long to run campaign digital ads, it will really vary depending on your goals and targets. With a small targeted universe of voters, you may have to run the campaign for a few weeks to run the ads with enough reach and frequency to break through to your target audience. We generally recommend running campaigns for at least two weeks, although that can vary from campaign to campaign.

Go Make a Video Ad

To sum up, video ads are a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal, emotional level. Shorter is better for mobile, and longer video format can do well in other formations and you should plan on running your ads for at least two weeks. As far as creative goes don't bury the lead. Make sure you grab attention within the first 3 seconds. Most importantly, have fun with it! Video ads don’t need to be intimidating – you can use your smartphone to shoot and a computer to edit. Try making one and testing out different ideas. See what works for your audience.

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