Building a Campaign Message: Message vs. Issue - Know the Difference?

Posted on Jan 25, 2018 by
Joe Fuld

Do you know the difference between a campaign message and an issue?

Let’s try to stop the confusion. In the world of political messaging especially on the progressive politics side, there is a lot of confusion between what is a campaign message and what is an issue. Why the confusion? Issue politics has become a passion and because of this many candidates and groups see the issue as the message. But this is often a mistake. 

Go for emotion 

The issue is important, but a broader and sometimes more emotional message can incorporate the issue and continue to reach beyond it. 

What is a message? What is an issue? 

First let’s define what a message is and what is an issue. For example, a campaign message is a thematic view of the campaign’s message, that is often more emotional than pure policy. While an issue is a policy position the campaign has on a certain problem. 

Emotional connection with a theme 

So how do we make sure we get the emotional connection we need and the specificity that an issue brings? Use the message as the theme and the issue as a way to clarify the root of the message.

So while an issue should be a part of your campaign, it is only one part of your message and at the end of the day is rarely the whole thing. 

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