Should I Have an Event for My Campaign Kickoff?

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

campaign kickoff

Should I have an event for my campaign kickoff?

No matter how much we all like a fun party, a campaign kickoff can be a big undertaking. 

More importantly, if the party or event is a campaign kickoff, it can be hard to calculate the return on investment (ROI). Take it from someone who has learned this the hard way- planning events is tough.

I got my start doing political campaigns. As a campaign manager, I would encounter a string of candidates who liked to do events. These events would tie up their campaigns with weeks of organization and little yield. We would rent out concert halls and boats; you name it. The end goal of these events was to raise money and awareness, but usually, the events did little to achieve either goal.

After learning this lesson, I had candidates go out and spend more time on the phone to get support and reduced the amount of money we spent on events. When I started being a part of and running businesses, the same issues arose around the subject of events.  Candidates wanted to have big expensive events, but they rarely made the time to have a plan or calculate the ROI for that event. 

I have seen people run great events, even very expensive ones with great outcomes, but it takes a plan, time and an understanding of how an event helps their overall campaign strategy to keep a keen focus on the ROI of an event.

So here are some questions to ask before you plan an event:

  • Why do I need an event?

  • What will make the event a success?

  • Do I have a plan to achieve that result?

  • Do I know the ROI of the event?

  • Is the ROI worth it?

  • What will I gain? People, money, press?

  • Do I have a written plan for the event?

  • Do I have a plan for the event follow up?

If you can answer these questions and can answer the yes/no questions with a yes, then go ahead and plan your event. If you cannot, then create a plan to get to the point where you can confidently answer yes to these questions.

Events can be great, but a good one takes work, time, and follow-up. Have any questions about campaign kickoff events? Let's talk.