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Digital Advertising Acronyms: Key Terms For Digital Campaign Ads

by The Campaign Workshop

When entering  the digital advertising world without any prior experience or  background in the field, one of the largest challenges you will face would be getting the hang of all of the digital advertising acronyms. Digital advertising has its own language DSP, DMP, CPM, CPA, CTR... What do all these ad terms mean?

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What Do Digital Political Consulting Firms Actually Do?

by Ben Holse (He/Him)

These days, digital political consulting firms can be part of an army of consultants campaigns hire – including mail, phones, and general strategy. But digital is a pretty broad term and many digital firms can wear multiple hats. As a result, there is a lot of confusion about what a digital consultant actually does.

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How Do You Read a Digital Report?

by The Campaign Workshop

Now more than ever, digital programs are integral parts of almost any political campaign and learning how to read a digital report is crucial. Understanding digital reports not only allows you to understand how your digital campaign is performing, but also allows you to make optimizations to ensure that you are making as large of an impact as possible.

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Creating a Political Campaign Digital Budget

by The Campaign Workshop

When you’re setting up a communications program for your political campaign, one of the hardest questions you’ll face is how much your campaign digital budget should be. When you’re thinking through your budget, there are three main factors that will influence how much money you put into digital.

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