Political campaign budget: piggy banks from small to large

Political Campaign Budget - The Complete Guide

by Martín Diego Garcia (He/Him)

If there’s one common thread that runs through the progressive movement and Democratic political campaigns, it’s that they are very often operating with a limited budget. This fact makes having a political campaign budget critically important, because you must be strategic with how your resources are spent and get the most out of each dollar.

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Demand Side Platforms: What's the Best DSP for Your Organization?

What are the best demand side platforms for advocacy or political campaigns? That depends on what your needs for digital campaigns are. How much staff capacity do you have? What are the budgets you’re looking to spend? Most vendors now also give you the option to have a dedicated member of their staff manage your campaign or will give you the keys to their demand side platform to manage your campaign yourself.

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What Do Digital Political Consulting Firms Actually Do?

by Ben Holse (He/Him)

These days, digital political consulting firms can be part of an army of consultants campaigns hire – including mail, phones, and general strategy. But digital is a pretty broad term and many digital firms can wear multiple hats. As a result, there is a lot of confusion about what a digital consultant actually does.

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Political Campaign Advertising for a Tight Budget

Not every candidate has a large budget for political campaign advertising. Digital advertising is generally the most cost-effective paid media strategy, especially if you use self-serve platforms. With platforms like Twitter bowing out of the political space entirely, there is a lot of concern about running political campaign advertising online.

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Creating a Political Campaign Digital Budget

by The Campaign Workshop

When you’re setting up a communications program for your political campaign, one of the hardest questions you’ll face is how much your campaign digital budget should be. When you’re thinking through your budget, there are three main factors that will influence how much money you put into digital.

5 Things Your Digital Strategist Needs to Know

A Digital Strategist Needs to Know 5 Things

Any time you work with a digital strategist to craft a digital ad campaign, they’ll want to know 5 things to build the right plan for you. Your digital strategist will want to know your goal, budget, targets, timing, and the geographic area you want the ads to run in. It can be helpful for you to think about these things ahead of time so you and your digital strategist can get on the same page and build a campaign quickly and efficiently.

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Let Strategy Drive Your Digital Campaign Buy

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Determining the size of a digital buy is a question many folks ask, but there is not a set formula for determinig a digital spend percentage. Politics is not cookie cutter. In order to build a winning digital budget, you need to make sure you create a strategy to define your goals and determine your tactics based on your goals and target- not just based on tactics alone.