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Posted on May 14, 2013 by
Joe Fuld

Our Political and Advocacy Campaign Blog

As we began our 5th year in business, we decided to start our own political and advocacy campaign blog and make it one of the best political blogs out there focused on campaign tactics.  We spend most of our day crafting advocacy and campaign strategies and designing political direct mail, online advertising and targeted communication programs.  We also provide general strategic advice for clients and message advice that runs across products.   We do a lot, see a lot and, yes, have opinions on everything.

Our goal is for our campaign blog  to be a great political blog,  focused on answering questions about big and small issues in the advocacy and campaign world.  Campaign tactics, political direct mail, issue advocacy, online advertising, print ads, campaign training, grassroots organizing and general strategy are all topics of our blog.  But we also cover issues like campaign signs, canvassing safety and campaign decorum .

To be clear this blog is not neutral. We have progressive political leanings. We try and be thoughtful about our work and look at it from both sides but our goal for the blog is to help progressive causes, issues, and campaigns. 

We hope our campaign blog will give greater clarity and insight to the work we do, the campaign tools we use and the progressive causes and groups we love and support. With some humor and fun along the way, we will share some of our insights to current and future clients as well as the greater progressive community. We aim to give back to the greater progressive community and share some of what we have learned.

If you have ideas for future posts on  our campaign blog or want to ask us about a potential project, feel free to drop us a line here.

Thanks so much,

Joe and the rest of The Campaign Workshop team

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