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What Does a Pollster Do?

Know your political pollster: More than someone who calls voters:  

Do you have a political pollster?  A Democratic pollster's role in your political campaign is more than just conducting polling. They give political insight into all aspects of your campaign.Defining the right voter targets for voter contact? Your polling can help. Concerned about voter turnout? Do a call with your polling firm. Deciding what the best messages are to communicate with voters? Your pollster will have an informed opinion.

Your pollster should be a real part of your political strategy:

They will have real insight into what will work with voters and what won't from the polling and focus groups you conduct.Good polling can help you determine the right message for your political campaign.  It is critical to ask polling questions in a way that allow you to decide what the best way to define your message to voters is.

Polling Samples matter: 

Polling samples have gotten more and more complex over the years. The right sample can make the difference between having an accurate poll or bad political polling results. A good pollster will work with your team to determine what the likely turnout will be in the race. They will ask questions and have a real discussion on who to poll to make sure they get it right.  They should discuss with you what percentage of calls need to be landline vs. mobile and if any of the calls need to be done in another language. These things can change the cost of the poll. 

Don't just ask all the questions:

The length of the survey can really cost you.  Be sure to work with your team to determine what information is nice to have and what is actionable. Focus on information that can help determine you campaigns outcome, not just the stuff that is nice to have.  

Part of the strategy team

A polling firm  can't operate in a vacuum. They are an important part of your team and need input from the rest of the team on message and strategy so they can test approaches and give you real insight into what will works and what won't.

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