Online Surveys for Membership Communication

membership communication

Membership Communication: Get More Bang for Your Buck!

It used to be that if you wanted to survey your membership you only had one real option—to call them. But many organizations that poll their members have moved away from calling to online surveys. It can take longer than a phone poll, but there are lots of benefits to online surveys that make it a good option for membership communication in the future.

Length on average:

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Inside the Campaign Studio with Campaign Strategist Nancy Leeds

Nancy Leeds Campaign strategist

Campaign Strategist; Nancy Leeds

This week's campaign strategist is Nancy Leeds. Nancy is a writer and Political Campaign Operative who recently earned her MPA in Social Policy and Management at Columbia University. Sometimes people hire her to work on their non-profits and campaigns. When that happens, these opinions are still hers and do not reflect those of her candidates.

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Advocacy Research—Know Your Options

advocacy research

Explore the Depths of Advocacy Research Options

Advocacy campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. So does the advocacy research you need to build a good campaign strategy. You can and should know your options for advocacy research. In this post we explore the panoply of advocacy research options out there including: polling, focus groups, and experimental testing.

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Tips for Better Member Communication

member communication

Make the Most of Your Member Communication

Here at The Campaign Workshop, we do a fair amount of member communication. Whether it be for labor unions or advocacy organizations, there are some basic do’s and don’ts we try to follow. Here are some tips: 

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Making Political Direct Mail More Democratic

Democratic political direct mail

Tips to Make Political Direct Mail More Democratic

We find it sad that as Democratic political direct mail consultants, the mail we see is often very un-democratic. It’s hard to get real engagement from voters or constituents if you don't even try. Here are some tips on how to increase engagement in your campaigns and make real democratic direct mail.

Map it Out: Maps are a very simple way to get engagement in a campaign. For instance, we deigned Democratic direct mail for a primary in Philly that used a simple map of the city to showcase the candidate’s accomplishments. We have used similar maps to show early voting locations or the consequences of a ballot measure. Whatever the purpose, maps allow voters to engage with political direct mail.

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