Advocacy Message: Know Your Advocacy Campaign Goals

advocacy message

What Is an Advocacy Message and How Do I Get One?

So, what is an advocacy message? Well, an advocacy message is a core statement that you would use to define your advocacy mission to the public.

An advocacy campaign message is critical to ensuring folks understand what you are about and what you want to accomplish. Crafting an advocacy message is something that takes a lot of time, so you want to answer some strategic questions before you define your advocacy campaign message.

What is your primary goal?

Understanding what your actual advocacy goal is will go a long way to developing an advocacy campaign message. If you can accurately state what your goal is, your advocacy campaign message will be more clear, concise, and precise.

What is your secondary goal? 

It takes a long time to achieve advocacy goals, so understanding what your secondary goals are will help achieve your primary goal with checkpoints along the way. In order to achieve your secondary goals, you need to determine whom you need to influence.  Thus, a key rule is understanding who your audience is, and to whom are you talking. Once you have figured this out, creating your message will be a cinch.

Who do those folks listen to? Who are the folks that will be influential in this advocacy project? Is it the lawmakers themselves? Is it members of the government? Is it professionals in the field? Understanding who the influencers are will also help you define your advocacy campaign message in a clear way.  An advocacy message emanates from your goals. Clearly define these primary goals, secondary goals, and the major players who can help you achieve your goals, and your advocacy message should come together quite nicely.

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