Coalition Building: A Winning Recipe for Your Campaign

coalition building

How coalition building can help political and advocacy campaigns succeed 

Your organization has spotted a need for change, and you are ready to do something about it. Often, the hardest part of what comes next is figuring out how to get started. Do you have enough resources, money and otherwise, to make this happen? Are there people out there who also care about your advocacy issue, and is there anyone who might be inclined to work against you? How will you reach all the right people within a given timeline? These things can be difficult to tackle alone, and that’s why building a coalition can be extremely helpful.

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The Power of Advocacy Video Storytelling

video storytelling

Advocacy Video Storytelling: The New Nonprofit Super Power

Video storytelling is an “it” topic in advocacy and advertising circles. The strategy of delivering a story in the digital age that will get people to engage seems to be the latest goal for many nonprofits. But how can you do it in a consistent, scalable way that achieves your goals? Here are our tips to make an impact with advocacy video storytelling: 

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GOTV Tactics for Advocacy

GOTV Tactics for Advocacy

Using GOTV Techniques for Advocacy and Organizing

Advocacy campaigns get inspired by GOTV.  Get Out The Vote, has come a long way. A good GOTV program can give a political campaign a big lift and those tactics are now being used for advocacy. you can read more about GOTV techniques here and here. GOTV techniques have transcended their former use as “valued election tools”, and are now the core component of modern GOTV Tactics. They are being turned into engagement plans and are being used in advocacy, nonprofit organizing, and the corporate world. 

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Political Communications 101: Make Your Point.

Political Communications

Political Communications 101: Make Your Point in Advocacy and Political communications

Say it! Say it loud and say it proud. We live in a world where political and advocacy campaigns have lots of ways to communicate: television direct mail, online, print, twitter and Facebook, etc. But with all of these options we have become increasing lazy with our words. Droning especially in advocacy or political communications is pointless. We all fall into the trap, even when our space is limited, we still can't seem to say something—anything.

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