Campaign Management Tools: Campaign tools and Trends for 2022

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Campaign Management Tools

2022 Campaign Management Tools: What You Need to Know

Looking for campaign management tools?  So, you are gearing up your political campaign or advocacy program for the 2022 cycle, and you’re already starting to find that you can’t possibly keep track of every campaign tool you need. Fear not. We are back with our 4th edition of the 100+ Best Campaign Management Tools List. This year’s version will make your campaign tools choice easier! 

The Tools List will help you decide on campaign tools like never before because we have updated it with new tools, Joe’s 2022 Picks, refined categories, and an easy-to-use interactive browsing tool. Learn about tools trends and tips below, or go ahead and get started if you already know what you’re looking for! 

So what are the new campaign tool trends on the 100+ Best Campaign Management Tools List? Here is a quick break down of trends for 2022 tools: 

User generated content: Just a couple years ago when we started this list, there was only one option when it came to video creation. Now there are many great options. These tools allow for video integration in multiple ways from user generated content to canvasing. 

More integrated tool sets: Many platforms have gone on an acquisition and development spree to have an integrated tool set that can encompass multiple tools under one umbrella. Some of these are better than others. But expect this consolidation trend to continue.    

Canvas tools are back: Canvas tools have never left our list, but canvas tools are back and there are lots of good options and even video, social and fundraising integrations that are easier and more user-friendly than before.  
Fundraising, budgeting, and compliance have long been the most popular category for campaign tools and there are more of them now than ever before.  

Venture funded tools: Tools have evolved and so has the funding behind them. For example, Every Action and NGP VAN were just part of a 2-billion-dollar deal and many more of these tools are venture-funded. 

Joe’s Top 5 Tool Picks of 2022

We combed through hundreds of advocacy, political, and campaign management tools to provide a wider array for you. Our categories have been refined to ensure they reflect the most important functions of each tool to ease the overall search process. Each category is paired with an icon so you can easily identify what features each tool can offer you when browsing both the PDF and interactive version of our list. We’ve also added some new tools for you to check out, and updated Joe’s Picks to flag the tools we think are the best-of-the-best. 

Boast: Video tools have come of age. Boast is the tool we use the most for video engagement but there are lots of options in this category including Soapbox, StoryVine, and GatherVoices. 

StreamYard: A tool that gives you the capability to add chyrons and other visual effects to live or live-recorded videos. We have used this for our #WorkshopWednesday videos for the past year and find it an accessible and easy tool to navigate.

BallotReady: BallotReady is a suite of tools that allows users to create both voter guides of endorsed candidates and how-to-vote plans for Election Day. BallotReady can get out important information quickly and easily so voters aren’t scratching their heads at the ballot box.

CallTime: CallTime streamlines the fundraising call process by doing the donor research for you. With CallTime, you can estimate a donor’s likelihood of giving, determine a reasonable ask based on past data, and keep track of call notes and reminders. 

Digital 8: From NGPVAN and EveryAction, Digital 8 is still the most comprehensive suite of digital tools that allows campaigns and organizations to raise more money and drive more action. Digital 8 features a standalone suite of email, online, and social tools with one-click actions, as well as forms optimized for mobile viewing, social matching, and Facebook ad integration.

Bonus Pick:
Warchest: Warchest is a budgeting solution that stores all your expenses and contributions together in one place. Warchest allows collaboration and provides read-only accounts, so you can share your budget with others without putting too many chefs in the kitchen. 

Have questions or in need of more information about tools for 2022 campaign? Drop us a note