First Step to Running for Office: Attend a Political Campaign Training

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Every First-Time Candidate Should Take a Political Campaign Training 

Here is the scoop on political campaign trainings: There are lots of decisions candidates need to make before they start a run for public office and a political campaign training can help provide some clarity for first time candidates. In our opinion, attending a political candidate and campaign training is a must for any potential candidates. Whether it is how to decide the best opportunity to pursue or how to create a contrast between you and your opponent, most folks need help to make smart choices early in their political careers, and a political campaign training can help them make the best choices. 

Running for office is not for the faint of heart and learning what it takes will only help set you up for a successful run. Understanding the commitment, energy, and time it will take to run for public office will allow you to make a more informed decision before jumping into a race you may not be prepared for. This will ensure that when you start asking friends, family, and strangers to volunteer, give you money, and vote for you, it is for a race you can win. At a political campaign training you can learn: 

  • Campaign Messaging: Developing a contrastive and focused message is the key to making sure that a candidate and a campaign will resonate with voters. Using a Tully Message box is a helpful tool to creating a good campaign message. 
  • Fundraising: Creating a clear and effective fundraising pitch is an integral part of any candidate campaign. A fundraising session, will walk candidates through different successful fundraising methods, analyze the return that can be expected from each method, and show candidates how to utilize each to its full effect.
  • Campaign Budgeting: Just like a business, every campaign should have a full budget that can be used to make strategic decisions about expenses and spending. A well-designed budget ensures that the campaign is maximizing its impact and using its resources effectively.
  • Field and Canvassing: In any campaign, having a strong grassroots and field strategy is an integral way to communicate with voters. Campaigns should know how to train their volunteers and utilize a voter file to focus their efforts on a targeted audience. 
  • Earned Media: While this doesn’t always pertain to all size campaigns, if you’re running for a larger race (e.g. U.S or state senate), you are going to need to interact with press frequently. Refining the campaign-press relationship, developing a press and earned media plan, and working to master the art of pivoting are critical elements of any successful campaign. 

So if you are thinking of running for office, even if this is years in the future, make sure to sign up for a political campaign training now, it will help you decide whether running for office is right for you. 

Our team helps run political campaigns trainings across the country, but there are also a lot of good options out there for political campaign trainings. We have trained thousands of candidates and always encourage any potential candidates to go through a political campaign training before they decide to run.  
We want to give a huge shout out to the LGBTQ Victory Institute for being dedicated to training and building a bench of LGBTQ leaders for over two decades. As their lead trainers, we’ve seen first-hand the results of candidates getting a through training before running. Our team has helped thousands of openly LGBTQ candidates and campaign managers run successful campaigns, and on occasion, make history. The LGBTQ Victory Institute has been running a consistent annual training program with great success. When it was founded in 1992, there were only a couple dozen openly LGBTQ elected officials and very few openly LGBTQ candidates running across the country. Due to support and training provided by the LGBTQ Victory Institute, fast forward to 2019, and there are hundreds of openly LGBTQ people serving in public office and a rainbow wave of candidates running all across the country for all levels of office. So, go out there and get trained! 

Find a training near you: check out our list of progressive groups and organizations running political campaign trainings across the country. 

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