Nonprofit Content Marketing Beyond Blogging

by Ben Holse (He/Him)

Digital Marketing

Strategies to Get the Most From Nonprofit Content Marketing

While blogging is undoubtedly an important element of any nonprofit content marketing plan, there are a number of other ways to use your team’s knowledge to promote your organization. These methods will increase traffic to your site and boost brand awareness. Here are a few:

Develop Paywalls: It’s likely that your nonprofit organization offers a number of resources for visitors to download. These may include maps, white papers, research, or studies. The vast majority of nonprofits will just include a link to download these resources. But why not use them to develop an email list? You can put assets behind a wall that requires the user to give their name and email in order to download the materials. This will allow you to track the people who are interested in your information and create an email list to engage these users.

Quizzes and Games:  Quizzes and games are all the rage on the Internet (thanks Buzzfeed). Using tools like Qzzr, quizzes are inexpensive to create and can drive traffic to your site. They provide a fun way to share information and can include calls to action that collect email address or direct users to complete other actions on your site.

Social Media:  Promoting your blog or your organization on social media is a great way to market your business. Create a content marketing calendar and have everyone in your organization post one relevant article each day in order to drive traffic and create engagement. For your most popular posts, consider adding a small budget for page boosting to increase your reach.

Tools/Resource Guides:  In addition to resources like white papers and research reports, you can also create tools and resources that will also drive traffic. For some, this may be a custom built calculator, checklists, or templates that allow your supporters to engage with your issue. Make sure to put these tools behind a paywall in order to obtain email address and other pertinent information to help develop your email address list.

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