How to Write a Blog Post the Easy Way

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Writing a Blog Post is Easier than You Think

This is probably the most meta blog post ever written. A blog post about writing a blog post. However, writing a blog post is not always intuitive for folks. Often, people who are asked to write a blog post for their organization don’t get the direction they need to write an effective post that yields traffic. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! Become a master blog writer with these tips:

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Content Marketing is a Team Sport

Diverse group of individuals working together to improve their content marketing efforts

How Small Teams Can Leverage Content Marketing to Reach Their Business Goals

Five years ago, we started The Campaign Workshop blog to share our knowledge with an online community of advocates, nonprofits, labor unions, staffers, campaign operatives, political candidates, and progressive groups and organizations. Today, we have over 650 blog subscribers and 20,000 monthly unique page views to our website, which has far exceeded our expectations.

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Nonprofit Content Marketing Beyond Blogging

Content Marketing

Strategies to Get the Most From Nonprofit Content Marketing

While blogging is undoubtedly an important element of any nonprofit content marketing plan, there are a number of other ways to use your team’s knowledge to promote your organization. These methods will increase traffic to your site and boost brand awareness. Here are a few:

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Best Practices for Your Next Content Launch

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3, 2, 1... Liftoff! How to Plan for an Awesome Content Launch

Before a content launch, it is useful to have a system or checklist to make sure people know your new product exists and engages with it. This is a critical part of tour content's early success. This system is more than a tweet or a release—it is a holistic approach to all of it.

Here is my system for a successful content launch…

Know your message. 

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Wistia vs. Youtube for Nonprofit Video Content

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Youtube vs. Wistia: Which Platform Should You Be Using for Your Nonprofit Video Content and Why?

YouTube is the core platform for many folks when it comes to nonprofit video content. There is a whole culture around YouTube, and many folks just assume that it is the only platform to use to host your videos.

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