Nonprofit Content Marketing Beyond Blogging

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Strategies to Get the Most From Nonprofit Content Marketing

While blogging is undoubtedly an important element of any nonprofit content marketing plan, there are a number of other ways to use your team’s knowledge to promote your organization. These methods will increase traffic to your site and boost brand awareness. Here are a few:

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Wistia vs. Youtube for Nonprofit Video Content

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Youtube vs. Wistia: Which Platform Should You Be Using for Your Nonprofit Video Content and Why?

YouTube is the core platform for many folks when it comes to nonprofit video content. There is a whole culture around YouTube, and many folks just assume that it is the only platform to use to host your videos.

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Content Marketing for Non-Profits

Welcome to Content Marketing for a non-profit

Content Marketing for Non-Profits: How to Use Your Non-Profit to Market Your Non-Profit

Content marketing for non-profits is similar to marketing a for-profit company. The goal is to leverage the expertise inherent within your team to help market your organization. And one very common method of sharing this expertise is through blogging. The more people who view your blog posts online and the more keywords you use in those posts, the higher your non-profit will rank in Google searches. As you may have noticed, this is what we do at The Campaign Workshop. And, while we didn't always claim to be experts when it came to content marketing  and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies; throughout the course of the last three years we have compiled a few “best practices” that may be of help to your non-profit:

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List Building for Nonprofits | Organizational Best Practices

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List Building for Nonprofits: Tips to Build a Movement 

List building for nonprofits is extremely important. These are people you can turn to for donations, taking action on your behalf, volunteering, and more. When list building, it’s important that you follow a few best practices. This will ensure you’re getting the best possible supporters and doing so in the best possible way.

1.  Never, ever buy a list. Buying an email list may seem like a fast and easy way for list building for nonprofits, but almost always this is a bad idea. First of all, the people on a list you buy haven’t opted into receiving emails from you. They may not even know what your organization is or be a supporter of your cause. This will lead to more people unsubscribing. Second of all, most bulk email systems (the good ones) will not allow purchased lists to be uploaded into their systems. This is to prevent spam. Don’t be a spammer!

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Learn Nonprofit Content Marketing with TCW and Hubspot

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Our Best Tips for Nonprofit Content Marketing, All in One Place.

This week, we launched our latest ebook on nonprofit content marketing for nonprofits and advocacy with Hubspot.  In the Ebook, we share our tips and tools to use nonprofit content marketing for list-building and engagement. It’s called “Sign Me Up! A Guide to Growing and Engaging Your Membership Base,” and it’s all about how inbound marketing and content marketing  can benefit your group. Download the free Ebook here, and keep reading to find out why we decided to share our best content tips with you. Now, for the backstory: Almost four years ago we began using content marketing as a way to get our message out to our clients. As an advertising agency in the nonprofit advocacy and political space, content marketing had not been a focus of ours. We soon got asked by clients and other organizations to talk with them about inbound marketing and how it could help them.

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