GOTV Plan: Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Best Practices

by The Campaign Workshop

GOTV Plan: Let President Obama Show You How Get out the Vote Is Done

As Election Day approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to share some best practices for your GOTV Plan-  Get Out The Vote Plan. These are tried and true GOTV tactics —we know they work.

  1. Pick the right targets for your GOTV plan. When it comes to GOTV Planning, make sure you don’t turn out people who you aren’t sure if they support you, and don’t waste your time on GOTV for supporters who are guaranteed to show up.  Do spend time in your GOTV Plan turning out people who you’ve identified as supporters but who may have some inconsistency in their vote history.
  2. Have people make a voting plan with you. Don’t just remind people of when and where to vote, talk them through their personal GOTV plan. How are they getting to the polls that day?  What time will they go? Are they taking anyone else with them to the polls?  Get as specific as possible so that they are more likely to remember to get out and vote - GOTV!.
  3. Use identifiers. Remind people that they are the kind of person who cares about the future of their community, which is why they are a supporter of your campaign.  They are a voter, that’s why they are getting a GOTV call from you—identify them as such and urge them to show their commitment by voting in this election.

Unsure of how to incorporate all of these Get Out The Vote- GOTV Planning tips into a quick script for volunteers? Take a page from President Obama. Watch the master at work as he crushes a GOTV reminder for Senator Cory Booker:


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