Set Up Your Twitter Fast!

Set Up Your Twitter Fast!

If you have never set up a Twitter account, consider this to be your crash course! Twitter is becoming increasingly important to both political and advocacy campaigns, but with its ever evolving features and unique vocabulary specifically for the Twitter Platform, it can be hard for some to jump on the bandwagon. Here is a simple guide to a fast twitter account set up:

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Let Strategy Drive Your Digital Campaign Buy

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Determining the size of a digital buy is a question many folks ask, but there is not a set formula for determinig a digital spend percentage. Politics is not cookie cutter. In order to build a winning digital budget, you need to make sure you create a strategy to define your goals and determine your tactics based on your goals and target- not just based on tactics alone.

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Facebook Video for Advocacy and Politics: 3 Can't Miss Tips

Since Facebook video launched on newsfeeds, it’s become one of the largest video platforms in the world. Due to the natural social pressure of the environment, it’s also a great place to run ads to promote your branding, persuade voters, and gain support for your advocacy or political campaign. Make sure you’re getting the most out of Facebook video for advocacy and politics with my three can’t-miss tips.

digital GOTV ads vs GOTV Calls
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Making the Most of Your Campaign Digital Video Ads

by The Campaign Workshop

Digital video is all the rage these days. There is a lot of power and emotion in video images whether it is pre-roll, in-banner, interstitial or longer format. Knowing the right length of the video and the length of the buy is critical for a successful video ad campaign.

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Netroots Nation 2014 Wrap Up

by The Campaign Workshop

This year’s Netroots Nation conference marks the progressive online community’s ninth and largest yet. More attendees, more panels, more progressives and certainly much more press than ever before, spent three days in Detroit, MI learning from and teaching one another.  Here are some highlights from the conference itself, and the overall impressions I got while there.


Micro Targeting Online Advertising Can Help Your Budget

by The Campaign Workshop

We’ve talked a lot about targeting online, but lately micro targeting has gotten even more specific and it can really help boost your online advertising campaign. It’s common knowledge these days that online advertising can get the same type of sophisticated targeting that direct mail can. One way advertisers are using micro targeting online advertising is with geo-fencing.