Micro Targeting Online Advertising Can Help Your Budget

by The Campaign Workshop


Micro Targeting for Online Advertising Is All the Buzz

We’ve talked a lot about targeting online, but lately micro targeting has gotten even more specific and it can really help boost your online advertising campaign. It’s common knowledge these days that online advertising can get the same type of sophisticated targeting that direct mail can. One way advertisers are using micro targeting online advertising is with geo-fencing. With geo-fencing, you can build a virtual “fence” around a geographic location (for example, an office building or sporting arena) and serve ads to people on their mobile devices whenever they are within a certain radius of that location. Let’s say you are a member of a labor union and organizing a strike against the Governor of your state who is against unionizing. As a part of your campaign, you could use geo-fencing to serve ads to everyone within a 2-mile radius of the Governor’s office. This means the Governor, his or her staff, journalists, and others will see your ads when they are in the vicinity of the office building. This is a great way to get attention, and what’s better, you can tailor your ads to highlight the fact that the viewer is near the Governor’s office.

Using this type of targeting is a great addition to many types of online advertising advocacy campaigns. One caveat when exploring this targeting: as with other forms of online advertising targeting, nothing is perfect. With different cell phone providers, you can’t ensure that every single person within this area will see your ads. That said, chances are you are reaching the majority of your intended audience in a unique and attention-grabbing way.