Award-Winning Political Consultant: Do Awards Matter?

Award-Winning Political Consultant: Do Awards Matter?

Do Awards Matter When You're Hiring a Political Consultant?

Awards are given out in many industries and are often times judged by the folks in the industry itself. tt can be seen as work that is judged by those who should be the most critical—industry folks. For political consultant awards, the industry self-judges. Award shows are meant to be the industry acknowledging the best work. the pollies and the reed awards are the most known awards for political consulting, which at least gives you a place to start when assessing or comparing consultants.

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Is It Important to Use a Partisan Firm?

partisan firm

Hiring a Non-Partisan vs. Partisan Firm: Which Is Right for You?

Earlier this year, I sat on a panel at Campaign Tech East called How to Build Your Digital Team. One of the questions addressed to the panel was whether or not it’s important to work with vendors and firms who only serve one side of the political aisle. The question was meant to stir the pot a bit, and it did, as there were members on the panel from bi-partisan firms. As a partisan firm, The Campaign Workshop collaborates with progressive clients, and we strive to work with vendors who share our views and morals. It’s not always possible to work exclusively with partisan vendors, but there are a few instances where we feel it’s imperative to do so especially when it comes to doing partisan work.

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Hiring a Political Consulting Firm

Find the Right Political Consulting Firms

How to Hire a Political Consulting Firm

Looking to hire a political consulting firm? We have all sat across the table from a potential employer during which we highlight our most marketable qualities to land a job, but not everyone has been on the other side of that table, actually doing the hiring. Here are a few things that will help you start the process of hiring a political consulting firm. They are meant to help you navigate and simplify what may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task.

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Hiring Political Consultants: A Quick Guide

Political consultants are lIke a Box of Chocolates

When It Comes to Hiring Political Consultants, Forrest Gump Was Wrong!

Turns out, political consultants are not like a box of chocolates, because when you hire your team, you should have a pretty good sense of what you’re getting.  It may be that your political consultant comes with a little less raspberry filling than you’d expected, but you shouldn’t all of a sudden discover that there’s a coconut filling (or that they’re just plain nuts). Here are a few quick, commonsense tips to hiring political consultants: 

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One More Consulting Firm: Opposition Research

Opposition Research

Opposition Research: Get the Dirt to Create Winning Contrast for Your Campaign

Opposition research, or “oppo” for short, is something we have mentioned in this blog before, but have not discussed at length. Such an omission is unforgivable, and can only be chalked up to missing the obvious. Like, for instance, when a newspaper has a typo in its front-page headline because everyone was looking for little, nuanced stuff but missed the big, glaring oops! before going to print. So let’s right this wrong now, shall we?

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Political Consulting Firms: Do I Really Need One?

political consulting firm

Hiring a Political Consulting Firm—Is One Right for My Campaign?

A political consulting firm is not something every campaign and/or advocacy group can afford but many can. While political consultants provide some services you may be able to replace yourself at a low level, the reality is that many services cannot be performed on your own at the requisite professional level. The real question to ask yourself is what kind of help do you need, and can a political consulting firm provide those services within your budget? The answer to that question simply depends.

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Bill Redding and TCW's Excellent Adventure!

Bill Redding and The Campaign Workshop's Excellent Adventure

Welcome Bill!

We're very pleased to announce that Bill Redding is joining our team as a Senior Strategist.  For those of you who know Bill, you're no doubt already aware that his political experience and expertise are impressive.  For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of working with Bill Redding, here's a quick rundown of his excellent, pre-TCW adventures:

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Independence from Student Loans

Student Loans

Want independence from student loans? As we break for the Fourth of July, we have students throughout the country facing a greater burden of debt. This is an issue that not only affects students; it affects our economy as a whole. Yes, Congress should act to retroactively decrease the rise in student loan rates, but there is still more that can be done.

I run a business where collectively my eight employees have hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt—that is the norm these days. To make matters worse, there is little as an employer that I can do to help them.

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Help Stop Hate Mail and Support LGBT Candidates

Stop Hate Mail

No Hate for LGBT Candidates

One week after we put our blog up, I received anti-gay hate mail from a woman named Sharon Kass. I was going to just ignore this, but after thinking about it and Googling her, I felt I needed to respond. See, Sharon is a prolific letter writer who sends out hate-filled letters when someone is mentioned in an article on LGBT issues. There is even a petition asking her to stop sending these letters.

The body of the letter is here and it is everything you would expect:

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