Power Mapping: Understanding Your Political Landscape

Picture of hands holding post-it notes brainstorming a strategy

Power Mapping for Advocacy:  Define Targets and Achieve Your Advocacy Goals.

What is power mapping?

Power mapping is a very useful advocacy tool especially when you and your organization have limited time and resources. Power mapping can be used to target the key decision-makers or influencers needed most to achieve policy wins, allowing you to map those with voting and decision-making power over an issue you are advocating for.

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Create Positive Social Change with the Resist Podcast List

Create Positive Social Change with the Resist Podcast List

Why the Most Positive Social Change is to Subscribe to the Resist Podcast List
I love a good podcast. Amongst all the Fox News dog whistle rhetoric, it is good to hear positive social change.  This list is a compilation of favorites from the TCW staff and we know you will love them too. Listen, get inspired, and go instill positive social change throughout the world. Welcome to The Campaign Workshop’s Resist Podcast List.

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Build Up Your Resistance Political Tactics with the Resist Movie List

political tactics

Why the Strongest Political Tactics Can Be Learned From Our Resist Movie List

Welcome to The Campaign Workshop’s Resist Movie List!

Movies are always a good idea. I always find it cathartic to immerse myself in scripted drama as a temporary escape from the real life political drama we are all living through because we all need a temporary escape. Watching movies can ignite the resistance by reminding of political tactics we’ve used in the past. 

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TCW Advocacy Training: Top 5 Takeaways

In early April, The Campaign Workshop hosted it's first Advocacy Training program in Washington, D.C. We designed it to be a resource for progressives advocacy organizations & advocates. We had an amazing group of trainers with extensive backgrounds in advocacy, and our Advocacy Training covered everything from defining your goals to fundraising, to building a digital presence.

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Is a Campaign or Advocacy Training Program Right for You?

Advocacy Training

Campaign and Advocacy Training Options to Fit Your Needs

As someone who has attended numerous political candidate trainings and advocacy trainings (both as a trainer and a trainee) I have always found them valuable. whether it has been advocacy training on a number of topics in hour sessions, to week-long campaign boot camps, I have to say I  learn something new each time I go through one.

If  you just want to learn the basics to get a foundation for your organization or campaign, or you are trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends and technology of this digital age, campaign and advocacy training is the way to get there. More often than not people and organizations opt to not get trained and just learn it on their own. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the best solution, and after you read this, I hope you will agree.

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