Engaging Your Campaign Supporter List

by Ben Holse (He/Him)

Engaging your supporter list

Building a Campaign Supporter List: Keep Your Campaign Supporters Engaged!

Your organization has developed a strong campaign supporter list. That’s great news! Now let’s make sure we keep your campaign supporters involved with your campaign or cause. Email is undoubtedly one effective method of communicating with your campaign supporters. There are, however, a variety of other ways to engage with your campaign supporter list as well. Here are a few suggestions:


Engaging your campaign supporters on the phone is still one of the most efficient and worthwhile ways to update them and keep them involved. Difficult as it is to comprehend, not everyone lives online. Some people only check their email once a day or even once a week. And while they may take a bit more effort to reach, these individuals can be your most passionate campaign supporters. Also, nothing is more intimate than a phone call.

House Parties

Anywhere you can set up a few folding chairs and a table is an opportunity to talk to your supporters. House parties help identify your most passionate campaign supporters and, perhaps more importantly, give these passionate campaign supporters an opportunity to interact with each other.


For the campaign supporter who lives too far away to attend your house party, you can hold a periodic webinar to detail what’s happening with your organization and the role the remote campaign supporter can play. Webinars are more interactive than email and, like a house party, allow you to identify and engage with your motivated campaign supporters.


Depending on the size of your campaign supporter list, it can be useful for your organization to send out a quarterly update note, yearly holiday card or some other periodic mailing to give your supporters something tangible to connect with. Remember, it’s a lot easier for someone to delete an email than ignore a great, creative physical piece of mail.

Ad Campaigns

There’s nothing the average grassroots campaign supporter enjoys more then being picked out of the blue to be a part of a campaign ad. And really, who better to be the face of your organization? Whether this includes an actual ad or is simply a social media campaign to promote testimonials, featuring your campaign supporters is a great way to put your best foot forward and help generate buzz amongst your campaign supporter list.

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