Campaign Theme vs. Campaign Slogan

Posted on Mar 10, 2017 by
Joe Fuld

A Campaign Theme Is The Road Map to a Winning Campaign

We hear a lot about campaign slogans, but a campaign theme is the unsung hero of a political campaign. At first glance, these two concepts might seem to be extremely similar, but each has a defined place in a political campaign strategy.

What is a Campaign Theme?

A campaign theme is a compound sentence that links your issues together and contrasts you and your opponent. The key to a good campaign theme is the contrast. We can build a campaign theme using the Tully message box. (You can find more on how to create your campaign slogan, theme, and message by using the Tully message box here.) It is one of those fundamentals parts of any campaign that will make it more successful. From country to county-wide races, winning campaigns build their contrastive strategy, theme and campaign slogan using a message box.

What is a Campaign Slogan?

The campaign slogan is a distilled version of the theme that is short and punchy but still makes a contrast. A campaign slogan is the marketing tagline. The work you do to create a contrastive campaign message is the road map to a campaign win.We have seen slogans that overreach, slogans that fall short, and slogans that hit the mark. A typical mistake campaigns make when building themes and slogans, is to miss the holistic view of the campaign and only tangentially to link the theme and slogan to the actual campaign. The key to mastering the art of campaign slogans and themes is to have the words you use truly convey the needed contrast. To do that in a clear and compelling way (in less than eight words ) is tough but with some hard  work and creativity you can do it check out more on build a wing campaign theme and campaign message in our ebook:

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