Digital Advocacy Opportunities Under a Trump Presidency

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

digital advocacy

Under a Trump Presidency, Take Advantage of Digital Advocacy Opportunities

With Trump as president, nonprofit organizations have an opportunity to use digital advocacy to grow engagement and reach donors and constituencies. This doesn't make it any easier to get legislation passed, but it does present an opportunity for growth that may not have existed in the past for your organization.

No matter what your issue is - the environment, women's rights, immigrant rights, or infrastructure - there is something that is being done or not done on the federal level. This is a great engagement opportunity right now. Like it or not, the Trump presidency has created unseen issue opportunities.

Reach more people:

Issue conflict and engagement creates a strong potential to build lists with multiple benefits. You need to plan for the long and short term. Having a proactive strategy is key. When it comes to advocacy, many folks will only think of a reactive strategy. Having a proactive strategy is even more important than a reactive one.

List building:

Now is the time to list build now more than ever. Engagement is on the rise.

Build a coalition:

Having more than one organization working on an issue can be a galvanizing force. It may be tempting to go at it alone, but coalitions can help add to power and capacity. It can also aid in joint list building activity.

Build your presence:

Conflict over issues create lots of opportunity for outreach engagement.

Raise money:

People who care about your issue will be willing to give money.

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