Political Communications 101: Make Your Point.

Political Communications

Political Communications 101: Make Your Point in Advocacy and Political communications

Say it! Say it loud and say it proud. We live in a world where political and advocacy campaigns have lots of ways to communicate: television direct mail, online, print, twitter and Facebook, etc. But with all of these options we have become increasing lazy with our words. Droning especially in advocacy or political communications is pointless. We all fall into the trap, even when our space is limited, we still can't seem to say something—anything.

So how do we make our point?

Images help. This is why I love photography and cartoons so much: in just one frame you can covey so much information.

Be self-critical. Do you really need that 2-page press release or that 3-page resume or that slide with seven bullet points? No, you really don’t.

Don’t do it in one day. Part of the problem in our instant communication world (not just in the world of advocacy or political communications) is that we don’t take time to think about what we really need to say. Writing on paper, we used to treat our words with more care. Remember crumpled pieces of paper on the floor?

Who am I talking to? My mentor Hal Malchow would always remind me to write from the reader’s point of view. Does this resonate with them? Can I be clearer? Bolder? Shorter?

Don’t be afraid to write short sentences. We think the longer we write, the better the grade we will get. Long sentences obscure the point and make it that much harder for folks to understand what you mean to say in the first place. Only you can prevent boredom. Seven drafts later, before I hit send, I hope I have gotten it right and that you get the point.

How do you make political communications resonate? Share your political communications strategies here:

Political Communication

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