7 GOTV Questions with Pandora

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How you should incorporate Pandora digital radio into your GOTV strategy

As Election Day approaches, it's important to get to work on your GOTV strategy. This week, we interviewed some folks from Pandora Radio - a music streaming service - about how political campaigns can integrate digital radio to improve their 'get out the vote' strategies. 

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Political Candidates Can't Do Everything

Good political candidates delegate

Political Candidates Must Learn to Delegate

The process for finding good political candidates doesn’t involve filling out a job application. When a candidate decides to run for office, they may not realize that the time commitment requires hours of work and many more hours in the day. Sadly, the time commitment it takes to be a political candidate is not changing anytime soon.

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Hiring Campaign Staff? Get a Campaign Manager Contract

Campaign Manager Contract

What you need in a campaign manager contract... 

So you decided to run for office and you quickly found out that you couldn’t do it alone. You found a jack of all trades to be your campaign manager and everything seems just a bit easier now. As the days get longer and the campaign picks up it’s easy to forget to formalize your campaign manager’s role with a campaign manager contract.

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10 Songs Perfect for a Political Campaign Mental Break

political campaign music

10 Songs Perfect for a Political Campaign Mental Break

Working on a political campaign can be stressful. As a consultant and a former organizer, I can always count on my music to help keep the peace during the crazy election cycle. Friends inside and outside of politics always ask me which songs are my go to for a much-needed mental break. Here are my top ten choices:

1. The Groove Line – Heatwave

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