5 Tricks to Ensure Your Political Mail is Typo-Free

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Embarrassing Typos in Political Mail

Everyone hates typos. Yet everyone makes mistakes. So what’s the secret to producing error-free political mail? At The Campaign Workshop, we have a series of systems in place to check ourselves before going to press or hitting publish. Here are just a few of the ways we ensure our political mail (and our client's messages) are error-free.

1. Have proofing systems in place. There’s nothing worse than needing a spare set of eyes on a document and having no one around to look at it. At TCW, proofreading is built into our processes for political mail, blog posts, and other communications. That means a piece won’t be sent off to the printer unless a certain number of staffers and a professional proofer have laid eyes on it. By building the process into the system, we ensure there’s enough time to thoroughly check for errors in every piece of political mail we produce. 

2. Get a fresh set of eyes on a piece. You’ve been toiling away on a proposal or a piece of political mail for days…and now it’s time for final proofing. When possible, we have folks on different teams, who’ve never seen the piece, look over the work. That way, the mistakes will jump out to the new eyes, not go unnoticed by someone who’s seen the work 65 times already.

3. Proof early, proof often. Literally. When possible, we try to get proofing done early in the day…or by 5 p.m. at the latest. If someone’s burning the midnight oil, they are simply less likely to see those hard-to-spot errors. After 8 hours at the laptop, everything starts to blend together, making mistakes harder to find.

4. Flag potential issues early. Creating a style guide for your organization is always a great idea. On top of that, consider creating 1-pages to let your staff know about unconventional spellings of names or addresses, and to remind them of essential dates, phone numbers or other critical information.

5. Get professional help. Our team has some real eagle eyes. But we still work with a proofreading company for every mail piece. Why? For a small fee, we have an extra backstop, and the staff can breathe a little easier. Politics is filled with pressure and while our team does obsess over commas, having pros back us up gives us an extra sense of security.  


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