Political Mailers and Timing

political mailers

When Should I Drop My Campaign Mail?  

For any campaign that is investing in political mailers, the timing of that campaign mail is a crucial question. Most political direct mail consultants will talk about the political mailer sending date in terms of the "drop date." This is the date that a printer physically delivers your political mailers to United States Postal Service (USPS), typically at a Sectional Center Facility (SCF).

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Political Direct Mail: An Edit Too Far?

7 clocks showing different times on a aquamarine shelf in front of a mustard yellow backdrop.

Keep Your Direct Mail on Point and on Time

Building a strong direct mail program for your political campaign doesn’t have to involve the amount of back-and-forth you may expect (or fear). Having a clear dialogue and a shared understanding of goals between the political consultant and the campaign team from the get-go can streamline the process and reduce the number of headaches for both parties along the way.

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Communicating With Your Artist

communicating with your artist

Communicating With Your Artists Isn't as Hard as You Think

A lot of people struggle to communicate with an artist to get the design they want for their project. Working with someone outside of your field can sometimes be frustrating for you and the person you’re working with. You may not feel confident in knowing what to ask for, or you may not realize everything that goes into designing something. The most important thing is to be respectful and give people the benefit of the doubt. They’ll enjoy working with you more, and you’re more likely to end up with a better result. In addition to that old nugget of wisdom, making sure you are communicating with your artist and keeping an open mind are your best bets to a good final product.

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A Win, Win, Win with NCOA


Learn how NCOA can help you save time and money

National Change of Address, NCOA, is a required process for all bulk mailing lists to qualify for bulk rates according to the USPS.

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What Does a Democratic Direct Mail Firm Do?

Democratic Direct Mail

Answering the Age Old Question About Democratic Direct Mail

Admit it, this is a question that a lot of people have wanted to ask but were too embarrassed: what exactly does a Democratic direct mail firm do? Well never fear, The Campaign Workshop blog is here with the answer. Below is a very general, and in no way exhaustive, overview of the duties of a good direct mail firm.

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