• Gang Printing and Your Mail Program: Creating Economies of Scale to Save $$$

    Sep 10, 2020 by Sophie Thurber

    Ganging Considerations

    Get the Most Gang (Printing) for Your Buck!

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  • Partisan Differences in Political Direct Mail

    Apr 29, 2020 by Heidi Job

    Drawing of elephant and donkey in republican and democratic colored hats

    Republican and Democratic Political Direct Mail Have More in Common than You Think 

    As a Democratic consulting firm, we are frequently asked if there is a partisan difference in political direct mail. The short answer? Not really.

    Of course, there are vast differences when it comes to message, but regardless of party, both sides use similar strategies to reach voters. From a design, creative, and targeting standpoint, there is little disparity between Democratic and Republican direct mail. 

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  • Getting Started with Campaign Mailers

    Mar 23, 2020 by Sophie Thurber

    Red mail box with letters in front of it

    A Holistic Approach to Campaign Mailers

    The world of campaign mailers is varied and complex, but don’t let that stop you from sending rad mail that gets you noticed. We’ve pulled together some things for you to think about as you start to pin down exactly how your campaign’s mail program is going to take shape.

    Six Questions to Ask Before You Send Campaign Mailers

    Before you create and send campaign mailers, ask these five questions to lay the groundwork for a winning direct mail campaign.

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  • Evaluating Political Direct Mail Samples

    Feb 20, 2020 by Claire Regan and Sophie Thurber

    Woman looking at document while on the phone

    7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing Political Direct Mail Samples

    Even in the digital age, political direct mail is a critical part of any campaign’s communications program. Not only is it cost-effective and efficient, but it is also an impactful way to target and communicate with potential voters. Therefore, when hiring a Democratic direct mail firm, you want to make sure you choose the firm that will produce the best product for your campaign. 

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  • Best Practices for Political Direct Mail

    Feb 17, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    Mailbox overflowing with mail on blue background

    Political Direct Mail Is Here to Stay 

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  • A Glossary for Political Direct Mail

    Jan 30, 2020 by Sophie Thurber

    Books standing up, pages fanned

    Your Very Own Political Direct Mail Cheat Sheet

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  • Proofing Your Direct Mail

    Jul 22, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    Several pieces of unaddressed mail/envelopes on a cardboard box

    Don't Let Errors Mar Your Political Direct Mail

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  • Political Mailers and Timing

    Jun 27, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    calendar pages flipping

    When Should I Drop My Political Mailers?  

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  • Political Direct Mail: An Edit Too Far?

    Jun 24, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    7 clocks showing different times on a aquamarine shelf in front of a mustard yellow backdrop.

    Keep Your Direct Mail on Point and on Time

    Building a strong direct mail program for your political campaign doesn’t have to involve the amount of back-and-forth you may expect (or fear). Having a clear dialogue and a shared understanding of goals between the political consultant and the campaign team from the get-go can streamline the process and reduce the number of headaches for both parties along the way.

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  • Advocacy Mail: Getting the Most out of Letter Packages, Part II

    Feb 07, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    Dog sitting at the front door with the door open and mail in his mouth.

    Advocacy Mail: List Building with Reply Devices

    Advocacy mail does not always get the credit it deserves. Part I of this post takes you through the basics of putting together a letter package for your advocacy mail campaign. Part II walks you through making the most of a letter package that includes a reply device (buckle up!).

    What is a reply device?

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  • Getting the Most Out of Advocacy Mail: Letter Packages, Part I

    Jan 07, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    Open white mail box with a lot of letters in it

    Advocacy Mail That Builds Capacity

    I have yet to encounter a client that doesn’t need to grow its advocate and/or donor bases, and letter packages are here to help! (Yep, I’m shouting about letter packages.) Letter packages are not the answer to every advocacy campaign’s needs, but in the world of direct mail, they can pack a pretty great one-two punch. They are statistically proven to be effective (people open them), and they can be formatted with a reply device, so you can actually list build with them.

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  • Political Direct Mail Part 2: Size Matters

    Jun 30, 2016

    size matter

    When it comes to political direct mail...size matters

    With regards to mailing for direct mail, we have discussed the weight of paper and the two general measures used, U.S. Basis Weight and GSM. So onto thickness and size. Both of these are characteristics of printing papers that can affect mailing costs and mail-ability.

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