Top Campaign Fundraising Objections

campaign fundraising

Getting past those pesky campaign fundraising objections

Campaign fundraising objections are part of what happens when you run a fundraising operation. Don’t be discouraged. Here are ways to get past those pesky campaign fundraising objections:

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Campaign Fundraising: Cash on Hand vs. Money Raised

Campaign fundraising: cash on hand vs. money raised

Why cash on hand matters for campaign fundraising.

Campaign fundraising is on everyones mind. A candidate calls a frequent donor and asks for help. The donor asks the candidate, “What is your cash on hand?” The candidate answers, “I have raised a total of $350,000 dollars.” “Great,” the donor responds, “but what is your cash on hand?” “$35,000” says the candidate. “Umm. Let me get back to you,” the donor replies and hangs up. Ouch.

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Candidate Fundraising: 4 Different Ways To Fundraise

candidate fundraising

When candidate fundraising, there are several tools that you can use to diversify your techniques.  It is important to diversify in order to keep your asks fresh and to raise the most money possible. This post will go over each tool in detail, explain their importance, and show how to utilize them to their full effect. 

To run an effective candidate fundraising campaign, use all of the methods explained in this post.

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Call Time for Campaign Fundraising: Why It's Important

campaign fundraising

Campaign Fundraising: Is it possible without call time?

From time to time we get asked how to solve a campaign fundraising problem.

For example, a common campaign problem I get asked about is:  "I have been told by my campaign team that I need to do call time 4 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. I don't have the time to do that isn't there another way?"

The short answer is no, but here is the longer answer:

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Call Time Tips: Better Campaign Fundraising

Hate Call Time? No Excuses, Call Like a Champion

Lets face it campaign call time is hard. Every candidate I have ever worked for or with has universally hated campaign call time.  They all give the same reason why; “I just hate asking people for money!”  I’ll tell you a secret:  I don’t hate  campaign call time, and you shouldn’t either.  Here are some tips to get you calling like a champ in no time. Or, at least hating campaign call time just a little bit less…

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Campaign Fundraising Guide For Your Campaign

Campaign Fundraising Guide

Campaign Fundraising: The Basics For Your Campaign

Contrary to popular belief, campaign fundraising can be fun.  Here are some core steps to jump start your campaign fundraising . But first, Let me say there is not a one size fits all solution for campaign fundraising. For example, if you’re running for a smaller, tiered office you may not need a finance committee. 

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Six Campaign Fundraising Tips

How Much Money Can I Fundraise?

Assessing Your Campaign Fundraising Potential

Campaign fundraising is never easy, and predicting your ability to fundraise can sometimes be even harder. But before you run, you need to have a strong understanding of your campaign fundraising potential. Below are items to consider when determining how much money you can raise.

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