Nonprofit Content Marketing: Don’t Rent. Own.

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

nonprofit content marketing

Nonprofit Content for Conversions & Engagement

I am a big fan of nonprofit content marketing, but many folks who are new to the world of online content tend to skip blogging, or creating content on their websites and go straight to outside content sites. I look at outside content sites as more like renting an Airbnb than buying a home. You can enjoy a rental unit, but you should spend most of your time working on your house. There a few reasons for this: 

Working on your site will pay off
For your site to rank for potential keywords (SEO) you need to have content that speaks to the keywords. If you don’t have content, your site won’t rank. Pick keywords to write content around. Look for keywords that have a low difficulty score and a high search volume. You don’t have to write a ton of content to help your site rank. 

Backlinks will help your site
Medium, Tumblr, Youtube posts will all assist the rank of your site if they link to relevant content on your site. This is why it is so important to develop content on your site first and then link to it on outside sites. 

Conversions Please
The primary goal of your site should be conversions - short hand for list sign ups and engagement.  Driving people to your site will help with conversions.

Commit to the ongoing work of a blog
If you hate blogging or have given up, start with longer posts.  Make those long posts the cornerstone content on your site and own those keywords. This will not work as well as regular blogging, but it will help you rank for keywords that are not super competitive and will contribute to driving folks to your site.

Using Social Media to promote content
I love social media, and it drives thousands of folks to our website every month to read new content, but I need a steady stream of content that to link on The Campaign Workshop's social media platforms.

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