3 Ways ActionSprout Can Bolster Your Grassroots Strategy

by Elena Veatch

Grassroots Strategy

Cultivate a Grassroots Strategy That Turns Passion Into Action.

Progressives across the country are fired up and ready to resist Trump’s agenda – but does your campaign have a strong grassroots strategy to turn your supporters’ passion into action?

A robust supporter base is crucial to a successful grassroots strategy, but it takes time and effort to build an email list and keep those who opt in engaged. Luckily, tools like ActionSprout are making it easier than ever to accomplish both tasks – below are three ways the tool can help.

1. Build Your List with Flexibility

For years, traditional CPA platforms such as Care2 and Change.org have made it possible for campaigns of all stripes to add supporters to their email lists by prompting folks to take an action (such as signing a petition). However, budget minimums, targeting constraints, and timing requirements have made the CPA landscape less accessible to smaller campaigns as of late, which can seem to throw a wrench in your campaign’s grassroots strategy.

Luckily, ActionSprout can serve as a more flexible list-building alternative. Your campaign can use the platform to host actions for folks to participate in at the click of a button (and without ever having to leave Facebook). You can create a Facebook ad targeted to the audience your messaging may resonate with, and direct all ad clicks to your ActionSprout action to get new supporters to sign up for more information.

ActionSprout also has a new feature that allows you to create a profile picture overlay for Facebook users to add to their personal profile photos to show their support for your campaign. The system captures the email addresses of each user who adopts your campaign’s profile picture frame, serving as another fun way to list-build on your own terms.

2. Learn What Works (And What Doesn’t)

Your campaign can also use ActionSprout to track metrics for your actions, as well as for your campaign Facebook page’s posts. On the ActionSprout dashboard, you can easily access these stats, including action completions, views, conversion rates, and the number of times the link to has been shared across Facebook, as well as post comments, reactions, and shares. These metrics can help your campaign figure out the types of posts your supporters tend to respond to and engage with the most. This way, you can tailor your future content based on what works (and what doesn’t).

What’s more, you can follow other organizations and campaigns with similar goals on ActionSprout to see how their posts and actions are performing. This can also be useful in figuring out the messaging that resonates with your supporters so that you can further bolster your grassroots strategy.

3. Make the Most of Your Supporters

Finally, you can use ActionSprout to track levels of engagement among your supporters. The platform shows you which supporters have been the most active over time, ranking them by an engagement metric that’s based on how many times each person has reacted to and commented on your posts, completed your actions, or donated to your cause. ActionSprout can thus help your campaign make the most out of your support base by empowering your dedicated supporters to take their enthusiasm to the next level.

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