Campaign Message: Use the Seven C's for Political & Advocacy Wins

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How to Make a Winning Campaign Message Using the Seven C’s Method

When I was a student at American University in the mid to late ‘80s I had some remarkable teachers. Joel Bradshaw and Peter Fenn taught me about campaign message with a method I have never forgotten.

They called it the Seven C's. I am still a big fan of this method to remember the components of a good campaign message. If you can incorporate all seven c's in your message you will be smooth sailing.

1. Clear

Make your message easily understandable.

2. Concise

A short well-crafted message will tell your audience more than a long winded message.

3. Contrastive

What is the difference between you and your opponent(s)? Can you make that clear in your message? Make sure your campaign message lets folks know why they should vote for you and not your opponent.

4. Consistent

Having a message is one thing—but sticking with it is another. Make sure you stay on message throughout the entire campaign.

5. Connected

Messages are not formed in a vacuum. They are about the community as much as the candidate. Make sure your campaign message is connected with issues important to your base.

6. Coordinated

Your message needs be a part of everything you do and it needs to be repeated in all the mediums you are using to reach voters.

7. Creative

Often you see a campaign message that is a collection of words that make little sense and bores voters to tears. Make sure your message catches voters’ attention.


After using the seven c’s method, get your contrastive message down to less than ten words.

If you want to learn more about campaign message development strategies, check out Margo’s blog post on using the Tully box here!

Campaign Message

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