Campaign Signs - Read This Before You Buy a yard sign!

Political yard signs

Campaign Signs Are Taking Over

Do you like campaign signs? Drive down a road near election or primary day and you will see campaign signs everywhere.  Some folks like political signs but many think campaign signs can mess up your community, your budget and be a detriment to a message-driven campaign. Although I am not in the pro-campaign sign camp and would like to see many campaigns stop using yard signs, I do think within tight limits they can be useful.

1. Have a Goal for Campaign signs. This needs to be more than you and your buddy putting up political yard signs in every illegal right-of-way. Have a clear goal for your campaign sign campaign (hint: that goal is not simply name recognition).

2. Make a campaign sign budget and stick to it. Obama and other big campaigns have campaign signs, 4 x 8s and political billboards, so you ordered just as many for your campaign. Right? Wrong. Chances are, a federal campaign will spend much smaller percentage of their budget on political signs than you will. Your goal should be to order just enough yard signs—not one more. Campaign signs should be approximately two percent of your budget(or less) for races $100k or less. If the budget grows, that percentage should decrease not increase.

3. Order once but not too much. It can be tempting and convenient to order a large quantity of political signs to get a price break, but that larger quantity can be a budget buster or the extra box can become a doorstop for your campaign office.

4. Be creative. Please try something different than the red white and blue tacky political yard sign: have a yard sign and logo that stands out. Try sidewalk chalking or stenciling your logo—it’s cheap, fun and eye-catching.

5. Simple is good. You don't need six-color campaign signs. A simple  campaign sign with clean design can stand out and get noticed; the key is to be clear and to the point.

7. Voters matter. As we’ve said, signs don't vote—people do. Use signs to motivate your positive IDs who would otherwise be only somewhat likely to turnout and vote.

8. Know the law. Don't break the law. Some people think it is fun to steal lawn signs or put campaign signs in illegal places. Fines and lawsuits are not fun and are bad for your candidate. Don't do it.

9. Choose your locations. Whether your strategy is based on a voter profile or the importance of a particular geographic location, you want to be in control of choosing where your yard signs go. Campaign signs are a limited resource and you should prioritize their placement based on your larger strategy.

10. Say no to the sign war. Campaign signs will get stolen, fall down and disappear. Don't let it ruin your life. You have more important things to worry about, like communicating a real message to voters. Focus on that.

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