Advocacy training - Katherine Miller

7 Questions on Advocacy Training with Katherine Miller

by Elizabeth Rowe (She/Her)

Katherine Miller is the author of At the Table: The Chef's Guide to Advocacy. She is involved in advocacy training, and strategist. She has previously served as the VP of Impact at the James Beard Foundation where she worked with leaders in the food system to create new and innovative programs to help address gender equity, sustainability, food waste, and child nutrition. She is a current Distinguished Fellow at GWU’s School of Media and Public Affairs, and is a professional alum of the LA Times, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the U.N. Foundation. This week, we asked Katherine 7 questions about her career and experience. 

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10 Tips to Amp Up Your Advocacy Marketing

If you've ever worked on an issue advocacy campaign, you know that convincing a person to even listen to your message can be a difficult task. Now, more than ever, public opinion has become harder to shape when people tune out information more than they tune it in.

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Advocacy Training: 7 Questions w/ Martín Diego Garcia

by The Campaign Workshop

Martín Diego Garcia has devoted his professional career to building a more representative democracy. For the past nine years. Martin has developed advocacy training, and trained and developed the leadership abilities of thousands of candidates, campaign operatives, and advocates. He is passionate about uplifting marginalized communities and advancing a progressive and inclusive political agenda.

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Advocacy Strategies: Approach Change Holistically

by Martín Diego Garcia (He/Him)

Advocacy campaigns should be built on advocacy strategies. Simple, right? But creating a strong foundation for an advocacy campaign is sometimes easier said than done.

eBook Collection

eBook Collection

by Elizabeth Rowe (She/Her)

Looking for summer reading suggestions? Whether you are gearing up for an advocacy campaign, in need of communication tips for your current campaign, or deciding whether to run for office, our eBook collection provides comprehensive guides to help you achieve your goals. Download our eBooks today for campaign and advocacy tips and tricks that suit your needs.

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GOTV Tactics for Advocacy

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Advocacy campaigns get inspired by GOTV.  Get Out The Vote, has come a long way. A good GOTV program can give a political campaign a big lift and those tactics are now being used for advocacy. you can read more about GOTV techniques here and here. GOTV techniques have transcended their former use as “valued election tools”, and are now the core component of modern GOTV Tactics.