Engaging with Social Media Influentials

social media tool

Engaging with Social Media Influentials

When it comes to social media, some folks are really active, some aren't. Some have a following and some don't. But if you want to use social media to advance your organization or campaign's goals, connecting with your key influencers is a great way to grow your following, and expand the reach of your message. Here are our tips to connect with social media influentials and other social media leaders:

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Know Your Advocacy Metrics

advocacy metrics

Advocacy Metrics Matter 

No matter how many advocacy campaigns you have done, people will always have a ton of questions about advocacy metrics to judge how successfully those campaigns were run, and if they were effective. They'll ask me questions like:

  • How many petitions were signed?  

  • How many patch-through calls were made?

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Political Tactics to Use on Your Campaign Website

Political Website

Top 5 Political Tactics to boost your political campaign website: 

The political website: it’s a requirement for any candidate for office, but that doesn’t mean it should be just another item to check off your to-do list! Being intentional when setting up your website by keeping a few key political tactics in mind will ensure that you are providing voters with an enjoyable, engaging, cohesive experience. 

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Strategic Communications: How to Write a Persuasive Political Speech

strategic communications

Using a Political Strategic Communications Plan to Win Over Audiences

All candidates for political office should have a strategic communications plan in place, but not all candidates need to worry about writing lots of speeches for their campaign. For local office races, you may only find yourself wishing you had a speech during your announcement and on election night. In those moments, don’t panic! Writing a basic speech is easier than you think.

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Creating a Winning Political Campaign Budget

Creating a Winning Political Campaign Budget

A Campaign Budget To Win

I love a good campaign budget. To me, a campaign budget can go in an endless series of directions that all lead to a win. Thinking strategically about when and why your campaign will spend money is key to a winning campaign budget. There are lots of variables that determine my theory. Here are some guiding principles I use when building a winning campaign budget:

Start with a Vote Goal:

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Grassroots Campaigns: a Political Memory

grassroots campaigns memories

How I Learned Grassroots Campaigns from the Master

Every Fourth of July, I think about my former boss, Congressman Jim Jontz. Jim taught me the importance of grassroots campaigns - real conversations, and knocking on doors. Jim was a congressman from Indiana’s 5th district and a progressive legend. In his first campaign, he won a state representative seat by 4 votes. He went on to win a state senate seat by less than 100 hundred votes and three congressional elections by less than four thousand votes total. He was my mentor and teacher in the world of grassroots campaigns.

I, along with many future campaign operatives, got my start in politics by doing field work for Jim Jontz in a rural Indiana district. There, I spent six months of my life organizing volunteers and knocking on doors and got a great apprenticeship in how to run grassroots campaigns.

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Do I Need Digital Political Advertising?

digital advertising for politics

How and when should I use digital political advertising?

With digital becoming a word that is thrown about in everywhere from television to vacuum cleaners, what does digital political advertising mean for the campaign world? Is it necessary? How much should you focus your resources on digital political  advertising?

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