Political Email Surrogates

by The Campaign Workshop

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Does Your Sender Matter in Your Political Emails?

Much has been said about political email, especially as it grows in popularity. Email is certainly not going anywhere and political email has proven to be an effective tool in both recruiting supporters and raising money for your campaign. It’s important to pay attention to all aspects of your email, but how much attention should be paid to the sender?

While it would be great to have big name celebrities and well-known and respected politicians sending emails on your behalf, not every campaign can afford that luxury. Often it’s the candidates themselves sending out emails, which is a great tactic. Supporters and potential supporters should know your name and voice as a candidate. However, be weary of sending emails only from the candidate as this will cause fatigue.

While it may take time to develop a voice and rapport with other surrogates, it’s important to introduce other members of a campaign. A candidate’s spouse or partner is a great choice as someone who can speak to the more personal side of the candidate’s life. Other family members can also work well when trying to give insight into who the candidate is as a person. On the staff side, many times emails from the campaign manager or finance director do well in terms of speaking to strategy and goals of the campaign. Beyond these suggestions, try thinking outside the box. Are there local community members who people respect who have endorsed your campaign and can tell a  emotional story?

Political emails can take a lot of work, but putting in the effort to make them genuine from people who readers will respond to can pay off for your campaign.

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