10 Tips to Amp Up Your Advocacy Marketing

advocacy marketing

10 Tips for Your Advocacy Marketing

If you've ever worked on an issue advocacy campaign, you know that convincing person to even listen to your message can be a difficult task. Now, more than ever, public opinion has become harder to shape when people tune out information more than they tune into it. Below are 10 tips that can make your advocacy marketing communications more effective and accessible to your audience. 

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10 Advocacy Myths That Hurt Your Organization

advocacy myths

Dispelling The 10 Most Common Advocacy Myths

With Advocacy Season in full swing, it's time to clear the air on some common advocacy myths about what will, and what won't, hurt your advocacy group.

1. Only the rich can meet their elected official 

Go ask your legislator to meet you for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and talk about your issue. Most legislators will say yes. You don't have to be a big shot to do that just a little bit of moxie and a basic pitch.

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Know Your Advocacy Metrics

advocacy metrics

Advocacy Metrics Matter 

No matter how many advocacy campaigns you have done, people will always have a ton of questions about advocacy metrics to judge how successfully those campaigns were run, and if they were effective. They'll ask me questions like:

  • How many petitions were signed?  

  • How many patch-through calls were made?

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Resist List: Join Us

resist list

Join The Resist List:

It has been a tough year since the election and although it often feels like the Trump administration attacks our values, and little by little erode our democratic institutions, there is hope. There are millions of Americans working around the clock to make sure that each day is better than the last. That the fundamental values of our nation are still there tomorrow and our nation's motto stands true: Out of Many, One.

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The Power of Advocacy Video Storytelling

video storytelling

Advocacy Video Storytelling: The New Nonprofit Super Power

Video storytelling is an “it” topic in advocacy and advertising circles. The strategy of delivering a story in the digital age that will get people to engage seems to be the latest goal for many nonprofits. But how can you do it in a consistent, scalable way that achieves your goals? Here are our tips to make an impact with advocacy video storytelling: 

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