Stretching Minimal Resources for Political Campaigns

Stretching political campaign resources

Making Your Political Campaign Budget Work

It is likely that at some point in the political campaign you will encounter the need  to stretch minimal resources. Below are a few tips pertaining to the most vital organizing resources to help extend them as far as they can go:

Printer Toner/Paper:

  • When your political campaign offers printer toner and paper, always ask for more than you need and keep a small, secret stash for a rainy day. It’s inevitable that the night before your biggest canvass, you’ll run out of printer toner.
  • Whenever possible, utilize technology to input data directly to reduce the need for paper lists.
  • Start reusing paper lists and printing on the backsides early in the campaign. Just be sure it is clear which is the old and new side.
  • Depending on printer and computer type, there are often settings you can implement to reduce the amount of toner you use with each print. Investigate and begin doing this early in the political campaign.

Pens/Office Supplies:

  • When you notice that you are starting to get low on office supplies, ask your super-volunteers to bring supplies in from home. Many people have a surplus of these items at home and won’t mind chipping in.


  • When you first run out of phones during a phone bank, ask your volunteers with unlimited minute plans to make calls on their personal phones. It is likely that at least a few will oblige.
  • Always have extra canvass packets made up at phone banks and ask volunteers if they would go canvass instead of phone  bank.
  • If you still are short on phones, but have free computers, instruct individuals to use Google call to make phone calls. This, however, should be used only as a last resort as the area code on a Google phone will be unfamiliar to the phone call recipients and will likely decrease your percentage of voter contact.

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