More Web Tools I Love: 2015 Edition

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Joe’s 5 Favorite Web Tools for 2015

As someone who never has enough hours in the day, I am constantly on the lookout for web tools that can help me be more efficient. Here are some of my favorite web tools for 2015.

    I know a lot of people. I have a hard time prioritizing whom to call next and that is where Contactually comes in: I use a paid subscription to Contactually to remind me whom I should contact on a daily basis. They also have great functionality to help me introduce people to each other. Contactually makes it easy for me to remember folks in my network who I should be in contact with and when to connect with them.
    There are so many metrics I need to see on a daily basis, but it’s difficult to make the time to look at a dozen different sites, which is why I love Hubspot. I use Hubspot for my content marketing work. It lets me track keywords on my blog, the names of people who sign up on my website, and what content visitors look at. We use this both for our own internal work and for client work.  It helps me be more productive because it gives me the all the metrics I need in one dashboard tool.
    This is not a typical productivity tool, but we use Survey Monkey all the time to gauge opinions of clients and employees. They make it easy to create custom surveys quickly and gauge results all in one streamlined process. We use the information we gain from Survey Monkey to create events, create blog posts, webinars, and other types of engagement.
    Sweetprocess is a program we use to document our processes. Instead of keeping all of our processes logged in individual employees rote memories, we use SweetProcess to outline our SOP for our entire team. Processes matter so much in business and this program has helped us to stay organized and efficient.
    If you have not used Zapier, you have got to try it. It’s like having a programmer around to build an API just for you. In less geeky terms, Zapier links apps together to allow your data to move automatically, saving you time and resources.

I hope you like these web tools as much as I do! Comment below or email us if there are any others you love, or are thinking about trying.

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