Ultimate Guide to Great Democratic Direct Mail

Democratic Direct Mail

Campaign Tips for Great Democratic Direct Mail

Democratic direct mail is everywhere. But there is a big difference between great Democratic direct mail and ho hum run of the mil campaign mail. Here are 12 fundamental points that will make  great Democratic direct mail, with a  clear contrast that wins races.

1. Have a campaign plan and an overall budget. Writing a plan will give you a more complete, cohesive understanding of all the components involved in your winning strategy. Democratic direct mail should be one part of that strategy, but you need to look at the whole picture to figure out how your  Democratic direct mail program fits into the overall equation.

2. Know where your campaign mail fits into your strategy. Will your Democratic direct mail reinforce another medium or is it the major communication device for a target? Once you understand the role political mail will play, you can figure out a realistic budget for your program.

3. Research helps you stay focused. Completing a message box exercise, polling and research will get your message and issues worked out so you know exactly what you need to talk about (in your direct mail and other communications) in order to win.

4. Design Democratic direct mail with your voter in mind. In many districts, the average voter is over the age of 60. The average person who is designing a piece of campaign mail is probably under 30. There is a big difference in what your eyes can read in your twenties vs. your sixties. Small font with no white space makes it impossible for folks over the age of 20 to read. Use a larger font with lots of white space – it will make your direct mail appealing and readable for a wide audience.

5. Use original photos. Boring stock photos will not make your political mail piece stand out. Good photography will create beautiful political direct mail that will connect with the community.

6. Have a theme. Democratic direct mail pieces need to be held together by a theme. Folks won't read every piece of mail, so your mail must repeat the same theme over and over again.

7. Make a clear contrast. Politics is a comparative business and you need to make it clear that there is a choice between you and your opponent. A fundamental mistake folks make in campaigns is not making a clear contrast. You can read more about this and other campaign mistakes here.

8. In the world of Democratic direct mail, less is more. Making your copy short and clear is the key to persuading voters. Do not fill the page with words (which makes mail very hard to read). Don't stop at the first draft – cull down your copy and use as few words as possible.

9. Engage your voters. By doing thorough research, you will understand what your voters care about. Talking to voters about issues and ideas they feel connected to will connect you with them on an emotional level.

10. It's about the voter. Campaigns are about delivering for voters. Your Democratic direct mail should make it clear that you will fight for what voters want, and it should show them how you will deliver for them.

11. Know who will turnout and send your Democratic political direct mail and canvassers to the right people.  Good targeting takes time and thought, but it will make a real difference in your direct mail and field campaign. Connect your targeting to a vote goal. Look at past turnout and work with your team to decide who will vote this time, then target them for your direct mail program. Not thinking about turnout is a classic mistake campaigns make.

12. Good Democratic direct mail stands out. By using short copy and creative ideas that are relevant to the needs of voters, you can create direct mail that jumps out of the clutter of the mailbox and into the mind of a voter.

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