What Is Digital Programmatic Buying?

by The Campaign Workshop

programmatic buying

Programmatic Buying Helps You Find the Right People, Wherever They Are

There is a lot of talk these days about programmatic buying and how digital advertisers use it as the primary way to buy digital advertising.

What does programmatic buying mean exactly? 

In the past, digital buying was done in a similar fashion to broadcast buying site-direct, where publications were contacted directly and ad space was purchased that way. Programmatic buying is a term used to describe the automation of the real-time buying process we use today.

Better Targeting: 

These days, we are able to use a wealth of information to help target ads to the right people. With first-party data, cookie matching, IP targeting and 3rd party data, we can ensure that ads are reaching our intended audience wherever they are online. This means that purchasing ad space on a specific blog or publication isn’t always the best way, and certainly not the only way to reach your audience. Having an automated way to buy media means that we can buy more efficiently and more effectively.

Focused Messaging:

In addition to automating the buying portion of a digital campaign, we can use a programmatic buying model for the creative and messaging portion of campaigns. This means that we can use multiple iterations of content and messages within one campaign and the automation of it all can optimize for the creative and messaging that is performing the best.

More effective and Efficient Campaigns:

All of this means that we can use programmatic buying to create and serve more effective and efficient campaign through digital than ever before. As the landscape continues to change and evolve, we continue to stay on top of trends in order to deliver the best product to our clients.

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