Runner crossing finishing line on track

Advocacy Campaign Tips to Help You Succeed

by Alice McLoughlin (she/her)

Executing a successful and impactful advocacy campaign requires time, dedication, and organization. In today’s day and age, there is strong competition from various advocacy issues fighting for attention, so to run a successful campaign, you will need to be ready to hit the ground running.

Remote Work

Remote Work Culture: How to Boost Your Company Culture

by Joe Fuld (he/him)

We are now three years from the start of our remote work journey, and we have built a company culture based on remote work - we are not a hybrid workplace - we do have access to offices, but we are still focused on making remote work a vibrant experience for our team. Keeping a good remote work culture and building job performance and mentorships remotely means having a discipline and multifaceted approach to a flexible workplace.

Union Printers

Why Should My Campaign Consider Union Printers?

by Stephanie Khani (she/her)

Post-pandemic, unionization efforts experienced a surge of support in the public sector, from coffee chains to online retailers. It is estimated that in 2022 alone that more than 16 million people were represented by a union and 60 million workers wanted to join a union but were unable to do so (Economic Policy Institute). Public support for unions continues to grow in 2023.

Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy Training: 7 Questions w/ Martín Diego Garcia

by Eva Pound (she/her)

Martín Diego Garcia has devoted his professional career to building a more representative democracy. For the past nine years. Martin has developed advocacy training, and trained and developed the leadership abilities of thousands of candidates, campaign operatives, and advocates. He is passionate about uplifting marginalized communities and advancing a progressive and inclusive political agenda.

email list

Email List Hygiene: A Clean List Makes for Better Email Marketing

by Joe Fuld (he/him)

Let’s face it, most folks don’t spend enough time working on their email list hygiene. There is always something wrong with your email engagement. If you are working with emails, you can always fix something.

 Opposition Research

Using Opposition Research to Boost Your Advocacy Campaigns

by Tobias Cebulash (he/him)

Opposition research is an important component of any advocacy campaign’s messaging strategy. This research is more commonly associated with candidate campaigns — however, being able to articulate a contrast with the other side is equally important in the advocacy space. So, where to begin?

advocacy campaign consultants

Do Nonprofits Need Online Advocacy Campaign Consultants?

by Ben Holse (he/him)

Online advocacy and digital engagement can grow your movement and hiring an advocacy campaign consultant can help, but achieving real online advocacy results can be tough in both execution and budget.

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