Google Keyword

Google's keyword research tool monitors the frequency of different words or searches within Google.


Is it crunch time for your advocacy or political campaign? Use Flipgrid to ask your followers to submit real-time videos on what they think about a particular ballot initiative or issue area. Flipgrid is a great way to crowdsource video content. 

Blue Utopia

Blue Utopia is a software and data system that helps with a variety of campaign finance needs.

Accurate Append

Accurate Append makes contact data easily accessible with the goal of growing a customer base.


StreamYard empowers users to produce professional livestreams that can be posted directly to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

Speakeasy Political

Speakeasy Political focuses on digital media and direct mail. This platform provides pre-built templates and helps deliver direct mail to target audiences. 


Crowdfire enables users to discover, publish, and analyze content across social media users in one convenient place. 

Grasstops vs Grassroots Advocacy

Grasstops vs Grassroots Advocacy

Grasstops vs. Grassroots Advocacy: Public Affairs Tactics 

Do you ever ask yourself, "What is the difference between grasstops and grassroots advocacy?" Well, you're not the only one scratching your head. 

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