Why You Should Start Your Signature Gathering Effort Early

Signature gathering

It Pays Off to Start Signature Gathering in Advance 

For groups and organizations that are interested in getting a measure on the ballot, signature gathering can be a costly, time-intensive, and pain-staking affair. You’ll need to raise the money to pay an expensive field consultant to manage the process for you. There’s a steady unease about hitting your numbers, and all of this is compounded with the stress of knowing that the success of your effort hangs in the balance. 

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Enrique Rivas (he/him)

Enrique joined The Campaign Workshop in May 2022. Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Enrique brings his multicultural background and experience to the TCW team. Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in International and Global Studies. In his role, Enrique manages the President’s daily schedule while providing assistance to our sales team. Outside of work, Enrique enjoys exploring DC and its culinary scene, and visiting museums.

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Tori LaConsay (she/her)

Tori LaConsay is an award-winning multimedia communications specialist with an academic background in political science and anthropology—specializing in weaving ethnographic research into human-centered messaging and visual communications. Tori gets a kick out of translating and distilling complex ideas and data into engaging and digestible digital, print, and video in service to activists and advocates working for progress.

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Alex Verret (he/him)

Alex Verret joined the team in Spring 2022 as an Accounting Assistant. He is passionate about democracy, protecting our democratic institutions, and making our democracy more equitable, particularly for the LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized communities. Prior to joining TCW, he has worked in a variety of fields, including non-profits, in Congress, and in the Canadian federal government.

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Stephanie Khani (she/her)

A proud alumnus of Berea College, Stephanie earned her B.A. in English before moving overseas to London, where she worked as an Event Coordinator for The Scout Association at the Baden-Powell House Conference Center. She moved back to the US in 2015 where she began her career in the printing industry. This experience, coupled with her interest in progressive politics and desire to help affect change led Stephanie to her role as Production Manager with The Campaign Workshop.

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