Code for Progress

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Code for progress

Code for Progress Is Helping Make the Progressive Movement and the Tech Industry More Diverse

Last week, The Campaign Workshop hosted a interview training event for Code for Progress at our office that included a stellar cast of entrepreneurs, TCW staff, and an amazing group of fellows that are about to take the job market by storm.

We really appreciate everyone who took the time to help. Code for Progress is a new organization with the goal of building a more diverse workforce of coders and programmers within the progressive movement.

Dirk Wiggins and Michele Fox and the rest of the CFP team, are building a great organization and it was rewarding to see this amazing group of fellows they have assembled and the trainers who came out to help.

How can you can help? Code for Progress is hosting a job fair for the fellows on July 29th from 3pm to 5pm at SEIU at 1800 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20036. If you know folks who may be hiring, please contact Michele and Dirk and they can give you specifics.You can also make a donation!

Dirk is working to assemble a board and figuring out how to sustain and grow Code for Progress. We ask that you reach out and help. Any assistance is welcome. Bellow is a list of the fellows and trainers who attend the training event last week.

Trainers: Josh Galper, Mike Holczer, NGP VAN Chris Lundberg, Frakture Pramod Raheja, My Staff Now Mike Atkins, NGP VAN and David Belman

The Fellows: Elaine Kamlley, Terri Acker, Dago Bailon, Katherine Ortiz Selina, Musuta Pam Davis, Casidy Henderson, Angie Brilliance, Bobby Joe Smith III, Aurea Martinez and Jason Towns.

For The Campaign Workshop: Lizzie Kendrick and Ben Holse.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. We wish Code for Progress the best of success and look forward to helping this class of amazing class of fellows and many other classes in the future.